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This page will explain the affection mechanic.

Affection is a representation of how close your T-dolls bond is. Naturally, there are multiple ways to gain and lose affection. Gaining affection to certain levels even grants stat bonuses! Upon obtaining any T-doll their affection will always start at 50 / 100.


  • Tap "Formation" on Main Screen
  • Select the T-doll to view and tap the "+" inside the magnifying glass
  • Affection will be the pink meter labeled with the number of points (e.g. "♥︎-- / 100")

Gaining/ Losing Affection[edit]

There are several ways to lose and get affection so fight hard and be careful! A loss will likely affect your whole team.

Gaining Affection[edit]

  • Affection can be gained gradually as your T-dolls fight and win battles. Leader and MVP will earn more affection.
    • Gain will consistently be +1 affection point per/ 10,000 exp if T-doll has at least 50 / 100 affection. As a note, dummy link exp bonus doesn't count toward affection gain
  • Dormitory
    • Checking in daily gives you a chance to gain affection for your T-dolls, however this may be affected by the coziness level of the dormitory itself. (Note: only will apply to whoever is currently in any dormitory at that moment. Moving or replacing T-dolls will most likely not gain affection until the next day.)
    • You can also acquire gifts from procurement and giving them to the T-doll of your choice will gain affection for them too
    • Lastly, costumes given to your T-dolls can also raise affection.

Losing Affection[edit]

  • Affection is most commonly lost if one of your T-dolls dies during a battle. The T-doll killed will lose 10 affection points and the rest of the team will lose 5 points.
    • If all of your T-dolls dies then they will all lose 10 affection points
  • Unlike dying, if a single T-doll retreats, no one on the team will lose affection
    • If the whole team retreats or the enemies reach the very left of the screen, then they will all lose affection
  • Dying in boss fights or in combat simulation battles doesn't affect affection.

Affection Buffs[edit]

Getting high affection is important, because it offers you stat boosts! Marriage, while optional is just as important!

Affection Buffs[edit]

When your T-doll's affection meter reaches 90, that T-doll will receive a stat boost!

  • +5% for Damage, Accuracy, and Evasion


When your T-doll's affection reaches 100, a small heart symbol will appear on her card. You'll also have the choice to marry her. (Tap the button with the ring symbol next to the affection meter. Note that a ring cost 580 diamonds). A married T-doll will have a ring symbol on her card; this will increase the maximum affection meter from 100 to 150.

  • Decreases repair time by 30%.
  • Additional Voice Line when set as an aide.

When the affection level reaches 140%, the T-Doll gain more stat boosts.

  • +5% for Damage, Accuracy, and Evasion (stacks with the +5% buffs listed above.)