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How to obtain[edit]

AT4 Centrum Data is currently only obtainable from events and the Theater Mode


Resource Consumption =
Support Range = 2 Tiles
Shelling Damage (Min) =
Shelling Damage (Max) =
Defense Piercing (Min) =
Defense Piercing (Max) =
Shelling Accuracy (Min) =
Shelling Accuracy (Max) =
Reload Speed (Min) =
Reload Speed (Max) =

Data Patches[edit]

Chip Set Bonus[edit]


Skill 1
When attacking shielded targets, has 100% chance to deal 2x additional damage to enemies within a radius of 2.5 units.

Skill 2
Attacks carry a blinding effect, reducing accuracy of enemies within the normal attack AoE by 20% for 6 seconds. Does not stack.

Skill 3
Attacks carry a burn effect, causing 0.2x damage every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds to enemies within the normal attack AoE.

Weapon Background[edit]

The AT4 an 84-mm unguided, portable, single-shot recoilless smoothbore weapon built in Sweden by Saab Bofors Dynamics. The AT4 is intended to give infantry units a means to destroy or disable armoured vehicles and fortifications, although it is generally ineffective against current modern main battle tanks (MBT). The launcher and projectile are manufactured prepacked and issued as a single unit of ammunition, with the launcher discarded after a single use.