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Full name Taurus ART556
Country of Origin Brazil
Manufacturer Taurus
Artist Saru
Voice actor Hidaka Rina

ART556 is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.

Weapon Background

An assault rifle with a striking resemblance to the FN SCAR and the Bushmaster ACR. ART556 as the name suggest, assault rifle of 5.56x45mm calibre designed by Taurus.

Very little is known regarding the performance of this assault rifle, basic features can be seen on the weapon's exterior. The weapon seems to be using the same receiver group as Taurus' MT9 G2 9mm SMG, the upper receiver is made aluminum alloy and the lower is made of polymer material with an integrated magwell grip. Based on the visible gas cylinder, the operation of the rifle is assumed to be gas-operated, rotating bolt action similar to the FN SCAR.

ART556 have a forward charging handle and ejection port can be changed to access from both side of the receiver, the charge/ejection mechanism is potentially ambidextrous, just like the fire selector. The fire selector can enable semi-automatic, 3-round burst, fully automatic and function as a safety. The weapon stock can be folded and can be extended.

Aiming of the weapon can rely on Picatinny rail compatible optics or the built on iron sights, optics can be attached on the long rail placement on top of the receiver which extends all the way down to the muzzle end of the barrel. Shorter rails can be found on the side and bottom of the barrel for other combat accessories. The weapon is likely fed with STANAG issue magazines, it is to be noted that the magazine well looks big enough to potentially accept 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester cartridge magazines, hinting that the weapon could potentially be modified to fire the 7.62mm calibre.

Taurus seem to provided three different length barrels for the weapon. Other than ART556, Taurus also advertised the semi-automatic only carbine CT556.

Character Info


Official character sheet of ART556

ART556 looks like your average everyday loli drawn by Saru, just looks even less legal than the other characters Saru contributed to Girls Frontline such as HG P7 and RF M99.


Official character description for ART556: A trickster who wishes to share her happiness with everyone else. She is guaranteed to bite her tongue every time she say her own name. She only cares about interesting things, so she have broken various boundaries and moral restrictions, her current focus is to make SMG MT-9 into a more interesting character.

Her "friendship" with MT-9 is probably due to the two being from the same manufacturer. While P7 is also a prankster, P7 is just a bit naughty, ART on the other hand pranks for fun beyond boundaries and moral restrictions, that is quite a difference apparently.


ART556 features a stepped up version of the Assault Focus skill AR TAR-21 has, after a 6 second initial cool down, her dps increases by great magnitude by boosting both her damage and rate of fire, for a relatively short duration though. ART556 functions well with AR Ribeyrolles's 6 second tile attribute boost.

As for her own tile buff, it is exactly the same as AR G41's, she can provide accuracy and evasion buff to SMGs placed diagonal front of her.

Story Involvement

ART's costumes lotus White described her side story interactions with the Commander during the 2018's Lunar New Year Festival.


"This is classified information!"

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Costume story: Lotus White

ART unleashed the biggest grandest prank of her T-doll career during the 2018 Lunar New Year festival, as described by her cheongsam costume slide show

Help I don't have the skin


"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Game Data

Chibi image
58(x1)116(x1) / 580(x5)
20(x1) / 60(x5) 20(x1) / 60(x5)
18 53
6 49
6 53
Rate of Fire
 Rate of Fire
45 69
Movement Speed
 Move Speed
Critical Hit Rate
 Crit. Rate
Critical Hit Damage
 Crit. Damage
Armor Penetration
 Armor Pen.
Icon slot Accessory.png Icon Telescopic Sight S 2star.png Icon Holographic Sight S 2star.png
Icon Red Dot Sight S 2star.png Icon Night Combat Equipment S 2star.png
Icon Silencer S 2star.png
Icon slot Magazine.png Icon Armor-Piercing Ammo S 2star.png Icon Status Ammo S 2star.png
Icon Shotgun Ammo S 2star.png
Icon High-Velocity Ammo S 2star.png
Icon slot Doll.png Icon Microchip S 2star.png Icon Exoskeleton S 2star.png
Icon Ballistic Plate S 2star.png Icon Camo Cape S 2star.png
Icon Ammo Box S 2star.png
Affects submachine guns
Increases accuracy by 50%
Increases evasion by 15%

Rewarded to players as a event mission during 2017 June's event mission set, currently not obtainable in game.


Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 嘿嘿!指挥官你好!我是ART55——呜啊!咬、咬到舌头了……是556啦…… Play Hehe! Hello Commander! I'm ART55-- UWaaahh! I bit my tongue... Ehh, it's ART556!
Introduction 我是陶鲁斯ART55--呃!……556、突击步枪!……当初向FN SCAR学习借鉴而研制出来的产品……什么?山寨?你们可要看清楚了,外观上我们可是有区别的哦?反正只要合法,就是合理的存在对吧~ I'm Taurus ART55--Aaahhh! ...556, Assault rifle! ...Designed and produced after studying and taking reference from FN SCAR... What? Rip off? You gotta pay more attention, there are differences on the exterior designs. As long as it is legal, it should be a problem, right?~
Secretary 很在意我的耳朵吗?嘿嘿~很有意思吧? Play Interested in my ears? Hehe~ They are cool right?
今天又要捉弄MT9了啊,老是这样会腻的呢,指挥官,你有什么新点子吗? Play Gotta go play tricks on MT9 again today, but it gets boring like this. Commander, you got any new ideas?
对对……耳朵……就是那里!再上面一点…… Play Yes yes... Ears... There! Bit further up...
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, how about you open up that gift... Hehe~ It will keep you surprised all night.
Commander, you've had enough of the boring life? Come, I can give you what you want, and what you don't want... Let us make the future fun together, one way or another...
Greeting Play
T-Doll Produced Play
Joining an echelon Play
Enhancement Play
Dummy-linking Play
Logistics (start) Play
Logistics (end) Play
Autobattle Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission Play
Starting a battle Play
Skill activation Play
Heavily damaged Play
Retreat Play
MVP Play
Restoration Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween Play
Christmas Play
New Year's Day 指挥官,新年宅在家里太无聊了啦,和我去街上冒险吧!


Commander, staying in during New Year is too boring, take me out on the street for an adventure!
Valentine's day



  • Is she actually legal?


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