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AEK-999 Strategy Story Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 指挥官是吗?AEK-999,这个名字的命运就交给你啦! あんたが指揮官か?バースク(Barsuk)という名の運命を、今日からあんたに預けるぜ!Play Is the Commander here? Barsook, the fate of this name will now be handed to you!
Introduction (同上) (ditto)
Secretary 啊,抱歉!你说什么来着? あ~ごめん、今なんか言った?Play Ah, sorry! What did you say?
今天会不会下雨呢?指挥官,我们打个赌吧! 今日は雨かな?指揮官、賭けてみないか?Play Will it rain today? Commander, let's make a bet!
直觉告诉我命运之人就要出现了……喂,指挥官你干嘛打断我啊! 運命の人と出会う気がする~!......って指揮官は割り込むな!Play My intuition tells me my fated person will appear…… Hey, why did you interrupt me, Commander?
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, have you decided on the background music for the next battle? I'm looking forward to new styles!
Ah? Did you really…… Choose me? How messy, although I do like it. Ok, I know…… Then let me become your strongest ace!
Greeting 哎呀呀~觉得我差不多要出现了吗? あらら~そろそろ出ると思った?Play Ahhh~ Sensed that I should be appearing anytime now?
T-Doll Produced 新来的吗?让我们好好相处吧! 新人か?仲良くしようぜ!Play New comer? Let's get along then!
Joining an echelon 哦~品味真不错呢! お~いいセンスだねぇ!Play Ohh, not a bad taste!
Enhancement 抓到,节奏了! リズム、掴んだぜ!Play I got the rhythm!
Dummy-linking 这样就能组一人乐团了! これならバンドも組めるぜ!Play Now I can form a band with myself
Logistics (start) 放心吧~总有会找到好东西的预感! 安心しな~良いものが出てくる予感!Play Don't worry~ I have a feeling for something good this time!
Logistics (end) 这次会出现什么呢~? 今度はなにが出るか~?Play What will appear this time~?
Autobattle 轮到我了! 私の番だぜ!Play My turn!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission レッツロック! Let's Rock!Play Let's Rock!
Starting a battle 前奏开始咯! イントロの始まりだ!Play Here comes the intro!
Skill activation 下音乐吧! ドロップ・ザ・ビート!Play Drop the Beat!
耶~! イェイ~!Play Yeahh~!
听我子弹的旋律吧! 弾丸のメロディを聴け!Play Listen to the rhythm of my bullets!
Heavily damaged 呜......没有抓到子弹的节奏! くっ……弾のリズムが掴めてないな!Play Uu... Didn't catch that rhythm!
Retreat 不是这边的势头,真不走运! ツイてないね、こっちのリズムじゃない!Play How unlucky!
MVP 理所当然的结果!胜利的安可就等下次吧~ 当然の結果だ!勝利のアンコールはまだ今度な~Play An obvious result! You have to wait til next time for the encore of victory.
Restoration 恩,偶尔也听点安静的歌好了。 うむ、たまには静かな歌でも聞こう。Play Emm, occasionally soft songs are good too.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
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