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Full name AEK-999 'Barsook' (Badger) (Russian : Барсук)[1]
Country of Origin Russia Federation[1]
Manufacturer Kovrov Machinebuilding Plant (KMZ)[1]
Artist RAN
Voice actor Minami Tsuda

AEK-999 is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.

Weapon Background

The AEK-999 'Barsook' (Badger) is a modernized version of the PKM machinegun, design focus was a MG unit capable of sustained automatic firing without having a quick-change barrel and better suited for assault operations where it could be fired from the hip or from the integral bipod. Designed and produced in Kovrov Machinebuilding Plant, entered trials for military service but lost against TsNIITochMash's PKP Pecheneg, Barsook is no longer in production but a small batch of Barsook made prior to production cessation are in service with the Russian MVD troops.

Building on the same receiver group as the PKM, Barsook retains it Kalashnikov pattern gas-operated rotary bolt operating mechanism. It retains the 650 rounds per minute cyclic rate of fire, effectively cover 1500m of firing range.

Barsook's most distinct addition is the newly designed barrel and a notably large muzzle brake. Newly designed barrel is partially fluted to save weight and improve heat dissipation, it can be removed for maintenance and inspection but it cannot be refitted in combat situation like a quick-change barrel. The large muzzle brake serves to dissipate flash and sound, also able to improve accuracy, in specific terrain, Barsook's gunshots cannot be heard from a 400-600 metres distance.

Other minor modifications include a small polymer forearm guard, the integrated bipod is fitted on the barrel instead of on the gas tube. Majority of the designs are still patterned after the PKM, fed with non disintegrating belts housing the 7.62x54mmR cartridge on the right side, being advertised as mobile firing LMG, Barsook is issued with the 100-round clip-on belt boxes that fits on the bottom of the gun. Barsook can also accept all standard PKM issue accessories, including tripod mount. If needed, the muzzle brake can be removed to fit a suppressor.

Character Info


Another short loli type MG T-doll, AEK measures no higher than 130cm of body height when using the weapon as a scale reference and assuming it is drawn to size, meaning her body high to be similar to MG MG4's.

As T-doll with some degree of manly coolness, AEK was chosen as part of the Princes' Frontline group, as one of the motorbike riders (The other one is RF PzB 39). The "Prince Charming" on her "Modern Japanese Racing Horse" has captured the heart of many Commanders with her long overcoat, fashionable headphones and her Akira style motorbike dismounting pose.

The artist RAN comment that he/she was contacted by certain fashion industry personals expressing their desire to produce AEK's black/green overcoat and supply it to the real life market. RAN produced a outfit sketch and posted it on his/her weibo page here. But unfortunately due to unnameable reasons, AEK's overcoat did not enter production.

While neither MICA or RAN have revealed anything about the AEK's bike model, many player would have suggested that it is either based on the Suzuki GSXR 1000 or the Honda CBR250RR by looking at the physical appearance.


AEK is a T-doll who runs on her wits, much of her actions are done based on her taking chances rather than carefully calculated plans. She gets combat style inspiration from the fast beat music collection she owns.

As revealed by quotations, official character descriptions and story interactions, AEK's hobby is listening to music. As revealed by the rider outfit and the collaboration event Glory Day, she is also a peerless motorbike rider, with a desecrated driver license. A nickname AEK gained during the Glory Day was "Black Rider", she claims the nickname was given to her by the fairies after they saw her trail blazing in Pocket City with her dark coloured overcoat and the dark themed motorbike.

Being a product derived from PKM, as the direct descendant of MG PK and possibly as MG PKP's sister. However nothing of this is mentioned or suggested in the game, AEK's quotations/story involvements does not mention anything about the other PK derivative T-dolls.


AEK features a hunting impulse skill, it is however more effective during nocturnal combat. It provides both damage and accuracy buff as well as guaranteed critical hit while the skill is active at night, but provides no damage bonus and reduced accuracy bonus when activated during the day, the guaranteed critical hit effect still persists at day.

Story Involvement

AEK is one of the five T-dolls who represented Girls Frontline during the DJMax: Respect collaboration event: Glory Day, as a support character, she had interaction with the event. AEK's costumes Peerless Yakuza Rider described her side story interactions with the Commander during the 2017's Opera Princes.


"This is classified information!"

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Glory Day

AEK is part of AR K2's squadron, with K2 being the captain, HG M950A as the vice-captain, HG Thunder and SMG TMP being the other two squad members.

K2 was given the T-doll Command Protocol and her squadron is now being stationed in a city ruin away from the front line, their daily lives consist of eating, combat simulations, command reports and sleeping. AEK's story interaction began when 950 and Thunder arriving at an old internet cafe in the abandoned city, 950 as the vice-captain wishes to keep everybody in shape since they have been away from the front line for such a long time, she thought that AEK slacks off at the internet cafe during her spare times instead of studying. When questioned about this, AEK claimed that she was actually studying from old human history and was not slacking off, 950 does not believe her, and threatens to check her internet history, the two stared at each other in silence in front of the internet cafe. The stalemate was broken when an alarm was raised in the base, the group hurried to the command room to check up with their squadron leader K2.

The alarm is used to warn the garrison when Ferri units are close, but this time the Ferri units are not exactly close, K2 briefs the squadron. Scout units reports a Ferri logistic convoy is passing by the city, despite being stationed in the city, K2's squadron did not receive any orders from the HQ regarding whether they need to engage this convoy or not. K2 held a vote between the squad members whether to engage or not, TMP shook her head in disagreement, AEK suggested they should wait for more reports from the scouts, but with K2, 950 and Thunder voted to strike, the squad departs to engage this convoy. Since it was a logistic convoy, even T-dolls who haven't fired a single shot for weeks made short work of them. After making a short complain regarding the Ferri being too weak and lack of excitement, AEK returned to the city ruins.

950 had suspicions that she is going to slack off at the internet cafe again, together with Thunder, the two went to ambush AEK at the internet cafe. After 2 hours of waiting, AEK finally showed up, she sat down at a data terminal and connected herself to a simulation space. 10 minutes after the connection establishment, 950 moved in to see what AEK is really up to. Sneaking up behind AEK's chair, 950 only discovered that AEK isn't conscious, evident from the lack of response from poking and pinching, her Digi-mind was sent into an Atlas space. Determined to find out what AEK is really up to during her spare times, 950 dragged Thunder with her to enter the Atlas space, initially having difficulties adjusting to this due to the fact that they had no electronic warfare training before, but the two manage to adapt to the settings moments later.

The two entered the Atlas space, an alternative reality of a lively and colourful city full of fairies. The city is not however without problems, Sangvis Ferri is also present in the city, they frequently conduct raids and actively kidnap fairies and rob them of their memories, the fairies without any memories are turned into rogue programs. The two soon caught themselves in an ongoing raid. Just when they decided to defend the fairies from Ferri units, they received orders from their squadron leader K2, who lead the attack and divert operation.

Arriving at the Game Graveyard

After the operation, the two found TMP and reunited with the K2, turns out both K2 and TMP have been helping the fairies in Pocket City for a while now, the fairies nicknamed them ATK, A from AEK, T as TMP and K as K2. However neither K2 or TMP knows where AEK is, they searched for traces in hope to find AEK, TMP mentioned that she was on the trail of a fairy before 950 rudely interrupted her. The fairy could lead them to the Game Graveyard, where AEK is headed, luckily for the group the fairy appeared appeared before them on the street.

Following the fairy, the squadron arrived at the Game Graveyard, they soon came under attack by rogue programs upon entering the graveyard, the group gathered together and fought them off. Towards the end of the fight 950 discovered what AEK truly does during her free times when she was about to kill the two remaining rogue programs, AEK appeared and stopped 950, she gave the rogue programs their missing piece that contains their memories, in a flash of light the rogue programs returned to their normal form, Sehra & Nina.

AEK explained that those two fairies are her friends, they were just kidnapped by Sangvis Ferri and had their memories stolen, AEK promised to save them. "Well, you see 950, I do study in my own times, I'm just studying the music history the humans left behind.", AEK answers the inquirie 950 had for her in front of the internet cafe. When confronted by the group claiming that she wishes to leave the real world and stay in this one, AEK denied that claim, "Seriously, am I really that unreliable to you guys? I'm just here to save my friend as promised.". The brief reunion is soon interrupted again, with all the rogue programs killed and Sehra Nina returned to their normal forms, the antagonist revealed herself on top of a tombstone, HG Fail made a grand entrance and appeared before the group, introducing herself as the owner of the Pocket City.

As revealed, the world of Pocket City haven't changed for 50 years as the Third World War ended in the real world, Pocket City is abandoned by humanity, with no new music being made, with no new contents being added. She is taking everyone's memories away, she also cut off the logout options for the squad, she even constructed Sangvis Ferri units based on external memory information that was leaked into the world to reinforce her reign.

Unleashing her attacks, she cast the group into different mind dimensions to attack them all separately and psychologically in attempt to siphon their memories, AEK she was ready to fight a hopeless fight against Fail alone in her nightmare, but she was soon backed up by K2 then TMP. Seeing this, Fail retreated from the fight to carry out with her next grand plan at the concert at the Black Square, with her new favourite T-doll.

AEK instructed her friend Sehra & Nina to guide K2 and TMP out of their nightmare, as they remembered the way out, being rescued, TMP and K2 quickly broke AEK out of her nightmare. "AEK you idiot!" TMP suddenly remarks, the two is angry at AEK for taking suicidal way of saving them, they almost failed to reach her in her nightmares. After hearing the educational speech from her captain, AEK laughs, "...Damn, I'm getting told off again even when I tried to save everyone.", she followed up saying: "Alright, I'll behave, but I physically can't be as nice girl as Thunder and 950... Speaking off which...", Sehra and Nina apologized saying Fail have hidden those two too deeply they failed to find them. The three quickly discussed the combat plan TMP thought of before entering the world, regarding how to save their comrade and the entire Pocket City.

All the band members of ATK

AEK's motorcycle and her outfit was recreated again in Pocket City by the fairies, now being the one with the highest mobility in the group, she was tasked with finding Thunder and 950. AEK cruised around endless until she heard a familiar sound, the sound of Thunder's emotion expressing gun shot, she quickly arrived at the graveyard again and found Thunder laying on the ground. Not good at expressing her emotions, Thunder can only fire her weapon instead, but this time she is at the brink of tears. Mistaking the 950 in her mind dimension attack being a fake, she managed to close up her Digi-mind, but however this meant 950 was forever locked in the dimension and her memories were taken away from her.

With her memory being taken, Fail gave a new set of memories for 950, she now appears before the crowd at the concert as Fallen Angel, she delivered energetic songs that empowered Fail and her rogue program minions. AEK comforted the depressed Thunder saying that she is the only one who can save 950, with some help and encouragement from Preiya & Camilia, the pair of nameless fairies who guarded the graveyard, Thunder agreed to the plan and now mounted on the back AEK's motorcycle. "Hold on tight, the Commander said my riding is a bit rough.", AEK rode off towards the city, delivered her to 950, who was "captured" by the group of fairies under K2's command. Being void of memories, Thunder taken 950 around the city all day to make new memories while the battle raged on at the Black Square against Fail. Having Delivered Thunder, AEK's next task was to secure a delivery from the outside world with TMP, as part of her combat plan.

The battle against Fail is nearing the end, she have exhausted all of her rogue programs and she is unable to regain her strength. After spending a whole day together with 950, Thunder manage to make amends and their friendship were restored, 950 sang an energetic song out of her own will, that empowered the squadron. Fail have no more strength to continue the fight, at this time TMP delivered a gaming device to Fail, as a gift, to restore her memories. Through the game device Fail made contact with the G&K's Commander, she now learnt that the outside world never forgotten about Pocket City, the songs were always played in some corner of the world. With her hatred cast aside and her memories restored, Fail returned to her usual self, Clear.

One month after K2's squadron's squadron escaped from Pocket City, the G&K's own rock band known as ATK is now live, with 950 as the lead singer, Clear as the guitarist, Thunder as the drummer, AEK as the bassist, TMP as the keyboard player and K2 as their manager. ATK now delivers energetic performance and songs every week on GKTV, from the city ruins they are stationed in.

Costume story: Peerless Yakuza Rider

AEK appeared in a rather early stage of the Princes' Frontline event, she met the Commander on the morning before the Commander departed to the theatre.

Early in the morning, the Commander was waiting for the "carriage" to the theatre where Phantom of the Opera was screened, a humanoid figure appeared, pushing a modern looking motorbike and approached the Commander. "Mornin' Sir", said the humanoid figure, wearing a hooded long overcoat, the hood covered up most of her face. The Commander examined the figure, judging by the body height, colour combination and mostly the decal pattern on the overcoat, the Commander identify the T-doll. "Ahh, it's... AEK?", "You still haven't remembered my name Sir?!", "Ohh no, your outfit is rather special today, took me a while to realise."

AEK explained that she is about to go out for a ride during her hard-earned break time, she expressed that her usual outfits are not exactly ideal for bike riding. The Commander commented on both AEK's motorbike and her outfit, expressing how modern, peculiar, "cool" they looked, AEK replied that she is all about cool, the outfit was handpicked and she did mechanical works on her motorbike personally. Suddenly remembered the screenplay was arranged today, AEK offers the Commander a lift to the theatre. The Commander declined the offer, claiming a vehicle was already arranged for this event. AEK brushed the bike seat with slight disappointment, "Not today, but maybe next time." said the Commander, "Alright, both me and this kid here are looking forward to it.", with this AEK dashed off on her bike.

"Hmmm... Lets try these new rhymes next time we go on a ride."

One hour later, the not so lucky Commander found him/herself stuck in a traffic jam, "Can't believe I'm caught in a traffic jam at a time like this... If this keeps up I won't make it to the theatre on time!". To relief stress and get some fresh air, the Commander rolled down the window, a familiar humanoid figure on a modern looking motorbike slipped through the traffic and approached again. "What a fateful reunion Commander!", AEK explained that she was passing by on the opposite lane, she saw the Commander's car being stuck in traffic, her instincts told her that the Commander need a helping hand and so she came. "Good timing, can you give me a ride to the theatre?", "Of course Sir, saddle up!".

AEK's bike slipped through the congested traffic with ease, the Commander checked the time and the location, saying that the play starts in 40 minutes, and there is still half an hour of distance to cover, should be able to make it on time for the play. AEK remarks: "Commander, the type of concert you are going to attend doesn't exactly match my style, but I know that you have to take time and ready yourself before heading to that kind of concert, only then you can fully enjoy it.", the Commander is confused by AEK's words, "The real show is about to begin Commander, do hang tight.", AEK's voice is dampened by the loud Rock Music now blasting out the bike's rear speakers. "What? What's going on, what did you say...". Before the Commander can finish, AEK stood on the gas, the engine produced a mighty roar while the bike accelerated like a space rocket. The Commander hung onto AEK in panic to avoid being launched off.

About 15 minutes later, "We're here Sir/Ma'am. What did you think about my style of music? Woah hey, you look like you're about to pass out!". The Commander took a moment to catch his/her breath, claiming that it is too exciting. "The perfect music leaves a deep impression on people right? I got places to be Sir, I look forward to the next time we ride together, I will prepare something more exciting then!", it took a moment for the Commander to realise what AEK meant and remember the previous promise, by the time the Commander could say "No, wait!", AEK have already steamed off. "I might have made a promise that I will regret later on..."

Game Data

Chibi image
83(x1)165(x1) / 825(x5)
40(x1) / 140(x5) 30(x1) / 90(x5)
34 89
4 28
4 29
Rate of Fire
 Rate of Fire
83 120
Movement Speed
 Move Speed
Critical Hit Rate
 Crit. Rate
Critical Hit Damage
 Crit. Damage
Armor Penetration
 Armor Pen.
Clip Size
 Clip Size
Icon slot Accessory.png Icon Telescopic Sight S 2star.png Icon Holographic Sight S 2star.png
Icon Red Dot Sight S 2star.png Icon Night Combat Equipment S 2star.png
Icon Silencer S 2star.png
Icon slot Magazine.png Icon Armor-Piercing Ammo S 2star.png Icon HP Ammo S 2star.png
Icon Shotgun Ammo S 2star.png
Icon High-Velocity Ammo S 2star.png
Icon slot Doll.png Icon Microchip S 2star.png Icon Exoskeleton S 2star.png
Icon Ballistic Plate S 2star.png Icon Camo Cape S 2star.png
Icon Ammo Box S 2star.png
Affects shotguns
Increases rate of fire by 15%
Increases armor by 10%

Obtainable from production only


Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 指挥官是吗?AEK-999,这个名字的命运就交给你啦! あんたが指揮官か?バースク(Barsuk)という名の運命を、今日からあんたに預けるぜ!Play Is the Commander here? Barsook, the fate of this name will now be handed to you!
Introduction (同上) (ditto)
Secretary 啊,抱歉!你说什么来着? あ~ごめん、今なんか言った?Play Ah, sorry! What did you say?
今天会不会下雨呢?指挥官,我们打个赌吧! 今日は雨かな?指揮官、賭けてみないか?Play Will it rain today? Commander, let's make a bet!
直觉告诉我命运之人就要出现了……喂,指挥官你干嘛打断我啊! 運命の人と出会う気がする~!......って指揮官は割り込むな!Play My intuition tells me my fated person will appear…… Hey, why did you interrupt me, Commander?
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, have you decided on the background music for the next battle? I'm looking forward to new styles!
Ah? Did you really…… Choose me? How messy, although I do like it. Ok, I know…… Then let me become your strongest ace!
Greeting 哎呀呀~觉得我差不多要出现了吗? あらら~そろそろ出ると思った?Play Ahhh~ Sensed that I should be appearing anytime now?
T-Doll Produced 新来的吗?让我们好好相处吧! 新人か?仲良くしようぜ!Play New comer? Let's get along then!
Joining an echelon 哦~品味真不错呢! お~いいセンスだねぇ!Play Ohh, not a bad taste!
Enhancement 抓到,节奏了! リズム、掴んだぜ!Play I got the rhythm!
Dummy-linking 这样就能组一人乐团了! これならバンドも組めるぜ!Play Now I can form a band with myself
Logistics (start) 放心吧~总有会找到好东西的预感! 安心しな~良いものが出てくる予感!Play Don't worry~ I have a feeling for something good this time!
Logistics (end) 这次会出现什么呢~? 今度はなにが出るか~?Play What will appear this time~?
Autobattle 轮到我了! 私の番だぜ!Play My turn!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission レッツロック! Let's Rock!Play Let's Rock!
Starting a battle 前奏开始咯! イントロの始まりだ!Play Here comes the intro!
Skill activation 下音乐吧! ドロップ・ザ・ビート!Play Drop the Beat!
耶~! イェイ~!Play Yeahh~!
听我子弹的旋律吧! 弾丸のメロディを聴け!Play Listen to the rhythm of my bullets!
Heavily damaged 呜......没有抓到子弹的节奏! くっ……弾のリズムが掴めてないな!Play Uu... Didn't catch that rhythm!
Retreat 不是这边的势头,真不走运! ツイてないね、こっちのリズムじゃない!Play How unlucky!
MVP 理所当然的结果!胜利的安可就等下次吧~ 当然の結果だ!勝利のアンコールはまだ今度な~Play An obvious result! You have to wait til next time for the encore of victory.
Restoration 恩,偶尔也听点安静的歌好了。 うむ、たまには静かな歌でも聞こう。Play Emm, occasionally soft songs are good too.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween Play
Christmas Play
New Year's Day


Valentine's day




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