Updates (KR)/2018/January

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January 19th

Maintenance time: 15:00 GMT+9 ~ 16:00 GMT+9

  1. New: "Fairy Tale Princess" costume set will be available for procurement from January 20th 01:00 GMT+9 ~ February 2nd 15:00 GMT+9.
  2. New: New themed furniture sets "Pirate's Inheritance" and "Pixel Forest" will be available from procurement.
  3. New: Two furniture sets "King's Tailors" and "Top Gun" will be added to the Radiance collection.
  4. New: Seven costumes will be added to the black ticket exchange pool.
    • Thompson: "Devil Hunter" (Live 2D ver.)
    • G36: "Bartender"
    • PKP: "Girl's Prom - UNCLE"
    • MG5: "Hunter of the Wild"
    • PzB 39: "Passionate Rider"
    • Contender: "Phantom of the Opera"
    • AEK-999: "Frenzied Speed"
  5. New: Taiwanese server's 1-year anniversary profile background will be added to the friendship store.
  6. Fix: Solved an issue with viewing HK45's illustration.
  7. Fix: Fixed some translation issues.
  8. Fix: Fixed a bug in "Deep Dive" in which an "unauthorized activity" error would occur if an echelon without ammo and rations, using an Air Raid Fairy, would clear an enemy squad containing a Golyat.
  9. Event: The store's event tab will disappear on January 19th 15:00 GMT+9, please remember to redeem your gingerbread men if you haven't already!

January 15th

Maintenance duration: 15:00 GMT+9 ~ 16:00 GMT+9

Dear commander: The 'Girls' Frontline' Korean server is scheduled for maintenance from 06:00 to 07:00. Players will be unable to log into the game during maintenance.

January 15th maintenance content:

  1. Event: Monthly gem pay doubled. Players will receive double the daily gems from the monthly gem package purchasable from the store from January 13th 00:00 GMT+9 to January 19th 23:59 GMT+9.
  2. New: Taiwanese server anniversary portrait IDs will be added to the friendship store.
  3. Event: Large-scale event Operation Deep Dive will begin. Event duration: January 15th GMT+9(after maintenance) ~ February 12th 15:00 GMT+9. Two new in-game mechanics, hostage rescue and supply line, will be added and made available throughout Operation Deep Dive.
  4. Event: Deep Dive "Supply Crate Rewards", defeating the new Sangvis Ferri "Golyat" units, found throughout Deep Dive's three stages, with an S-rank will yield a Supply Crate . The limit is 20 crates per day for each stage. A total of 6 T-dolls, including UMP40, will be attainable from these boxes along with new limited furniture and wall decorations. Crates will remain redeemable after the events' conclusion until February 23rd 15:00 GMT+9.
  5. Event: New exclusive T-dolls obtainable from Deep Dive:
    • UMP40 submachine gun: Obtainable from supply crates. Opening a total of 777 crates will ensure a drop.
    • KLIN submachine gun: Obtainable from clearing SP 1-4
    • DSR-50 rifle: Obtainable from clearing SP 2-4
  6. Event: Four new commemorative furniture pieces for Operation Deep Dive, "UMP45", "UMP40", "Electronic combat reinforcment device", and "Classic Shooting Range Bench", will be added and obtainable from opening supply crates.
  7. Event: Members of the 404 Squad will benefit from buffs to their combat effectiveness when deployed to "Deep Dive" maps.
  8. New: A new costume bundle for KLIN [1] [2] will be added to the store. The bundle will be purchasable from January 15th GMT+9(after maintenance) ~ February 12th 15:00 GMT+9.
  9. Event: New Year's login event will begin. Event duration: January 16th 00:00 GMT+9 ~ February 11th 23:59 GMT+9. Logging in for 16 days total throughout the event will reward you with various items such as supply boxes, resources, furniture coins, etc.