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February 4th

We will be having our scheduled maintenance from Feb. 4th 00:00 to 06:00 UTC-8.

Please be mindful that you will be unable to access the game during the maintenance period.

Maintenance Contents:

  1. Added: Night Chapter 8's stages and story paybacks, as well as the related main quests and career quests. AR FAMASThumb button.pngFAMAS 's exclusive equipment FELIN System Sight will be obtainable in the "Eagle and Jackdaw IV" stage of the chapter!
    • Please note that you will need to clear Emergency 9-4 to unlocked Night Chapter 8. If you have already cleared Emergency 9-4, you will need to clear it again after the maintenance to unlock the new chapter.
  2. Event: Exclusive Equipment Drop Rate Increased. From Feb. 4th after maint. ~ Feb. 10th 23:59 UTC-8, the drop rates of all 8 Exclusive Equipment in Night Chapter 1 ~ 8's final map will be increased temporarily!
  3. Added: Commander's New Year Outfit. The New Year set "Luck and Good Fortune" will be available after the maintenance. You will receive a 20% discount if you purchase this set before Mar. 2nd 23:59 UTC-8. Collecting the whole set will unlock the clothing skill "Deep Learning", which increased Fairy EXP gain through combat.
    • Using the "Infinite Surprise Dye" can unlock more colors. Wearing the whole set with a rare color will give you a special visual effect!
  4. Added: Time-limited bonus event for Monthly Gems Card. From Feb. 8th 00:00 ~ Feb. 14th 23:59, daily gems from the Monthly Gems Card will be increased from 30 to 60!
  5. Added: Combat EXP x 1.5 Event. Period: Feb. 10th 00:00 ~ Feb. 17th 23:59. Combat Exp gained from all Combat Missions will be boosted to 150% during the event!
  6. Added: The "New Type Fire-Control Component" which is the necessary material for 5-star T-Doll's Neural Upgrade will be added to the Forward Basecamp's Black Market.
  7. Added: "Festive Days" themes side stories "Year of Memories" will be added to the Cafe. The corresponding bonus rewards will become accessible at the same time.

Please note that any unfinished battles will be closed once the maintenance begins.