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Most Recent

June 4th

00:00 UTC-8 ~ 06:00 UTC-8

We will be having our scheduled maintenance from June 4th 00:00 to 06:00 UTC-8. Please be mindful that you will be unable to access the game during the maintenance period.

Maintenance Contents:

  1. Event: Anniversary gacha "Midsummer Night's Fantasy" will be closed on Jun, 3rd 23:59 UTC-8. Remaining exchange tickets will be converted to tokens at a 1:1 ratio after maintenance.
  2. Event: Costume Lucky Bag will no longer be available after Jun. 3rd 23:59 UTC-8. Dont miss the last opportunity in a year.
  3. Event: Costume Package Rerun will end on Jun. 3rd 23:59 UTC-8. Please pay attention to the event time and purchase your desired costume in time.
  4. Event: Ranking rewards of Operation Deep Dive will be distributed after the maintenance.
  5. Event: T-Doll Rescue Event will end on Jun. 3rd 23:59 UTC-8. Please pay attention to the event time.
  6. Added: 5 new T-dolls will be added to the construction pool, namely:
  7. Added: Re-supply Gacha Eastern Paradise will be available from Jun. 8th 00:00 - Jun 28th 23:59 UTC-8. This gacha adds 4 of the following costumes and a furniture set:
    • AR K2Thumb button.pngK2 's "Far East Princess"
    • HG K11Thumb button.pngK11 's "Dome Moonlight"
    • SMG KLINThumb button.pngKLIN 's "Waning Winter"
    • AR Type 63Thumb button.pngType 63 's "Dusk Phoenix"
    • Furniture set: "Swimming Fish, Flying Geese"
  8. Added: New voucher event The Rice Dumpling Day will be held from Jun. 8th 00:00 - Jun 28th 23:59 UTC-8. During the event, you can obtain event vouchers "Metal Zongzi" from your first time victory every day in normal chapter 01-06's 6th map. You can use the vouchers to exchange various rewards including the 5-star T-doll RF TAC-50Thumb button.pngTAC-50  in the event shop.
    • Note: Each map yields 12 "Metal Zongzi" per day.
  9. Added: Half price resource packages (Manpower, Ammo, Rations, Parts & Contracts) will be available for purchase in the shop from Jun. 7th 00:00 - Jun 9th 23:59 UTC-8.
  10. Added: New furniture sets in Radiant Collection:
    • 2 "Sweet Imprints" Furniture Sets
      • "Wedding Scenery"
      • "Echelon Collection"
    • and 2 "Princes' Frontline" Furniture Sets
      • "Top Jet"
      • "Kings Tailor"
  11. Added: New costumes and furniture sets have been added to the black card exchange shop.
  12. Added: Taunt Fairy and Parachute Fairy's Live2D

Please note that any unfinished battles will be closed once the maintenance begins. We would like to offer a Maintenance Reward to all players affected by the maintenance as an apology. Please be sure to check your mailbox to claim it.

Maintenance compensation: Icon manpower.pngx500, Icon ammo.pngx500, Icon ration.pngx500, Icon parts.pngx500

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. Thank you for understanding.

-Girls' Frontline Operations Team 03-06-2019