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Patch notes as following:
Patch notes as following:
#New: Added costume stories for the [[Events/2019/May#Summer Waltz|Summer Waltz]] 3rd anniversary procurement pool to {{doll name|Springfield|RF|4}}'s cafe.
#Hold Up: '''AINT NOTHING HAPPENED YET!!!''' Stay tuned...
#New: Added partial Live2D animations for {{doll name|AK-12|AR|5}} and {{doll name|AN-94|AR|5}}'s "Silent Cyan" and "Solemn Rouge" costumes.
#New: June Monthly Bundle will be on sale starting next month.
#*Contents: {{Icon|token}} x100, {{Icon|battery}} x1000, Strawberry Shortcakes x10, {{Icon|Quick_Training Contract}} x1
#*Price: {{Icon|gems}} x580
#New: June daily bundles will be on sale throughout next month.
#*Contents: {{Icon|battery}} x200, {{Icon|Calibration Ticket}} x200
#*Price: {{Icon|gems}} x118
#Fix: Fixed {{doll name|M4A1|AR|5}} MOD2 passive not having correct duration timers.
#Fix: Corrected {{doll name|TAC-50|RF|5}}'s skill description
#Fix: Fixed {{doll name|Type 79|SMG|5}}'s skill animation for her 3rd anniversary costume.
#Adjustment: Improved {{doll name|AK-12|AR|5}}'s "Silent Cyan" dorm interactions with the left side theatre chairs.
#Adjustment: Improved the 3rd anniversary ID card background.
'''Maintenance will shut-down the on-going combat mission session.'''
'''Maintenance will shut-down the on-going combat mission session.'''

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