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This template provides access to simple icons for various common in-game terms. When adding new icons, please be sure to edit this documentation to include the new icons.


Syntax: {{Icon|identifier|width}} or {{Icon|identifier}}. If width is left unset, icon size should default to 20px.

For example, adding {{Icon|ammo}} to the page source will add Icon ammo.png to the page, and adding {{Icon|ammo|w=50px}} will add Icon ammo.png.

Available Icons[edit]


Icon Identifier
Icon ammo.png ammunition, ammo
Icon manpower.png manpower
Icon parts.png parts
Icon ration.png ration, rations
Icon quickbuild.png quickbuild
Icon quickrepair.png quickrepair
Icon quicktrain.png quicktrain
Item Quick Analysis Contract.png quickanalysis, quickanalyse
Item T-Doll Contract.png contractdoll
Icon contractequip.png contractequip
Item Basic Training Data.png basicdata, beginnerdata
Item Intermediate Training Data.png intdata, intermediatedata
Item Advanced Training Data.png advdata, advanceddata
Item Battery.png battery, batteries
Item Friendship Points.png friendpoint, friendpoints
Item Enhancement Capsule.png capsule, capsules, pill, pills
Icon procurementcoin.png procurementcoin, procurementcoins, token, tokens
Icon core.png core, cores
Icon gem.png gem, gems, diamond, diamonds
Icon voucher.png calibrationvoucher, calibrationticket
Item Memory Fragment.png memoryfragment
Item Combat Report.png report, combatreport, battlereport
Item Advanced Combat Report.png advancedreport, advancedcombatreport, advancedbattlereport
Item Wave Data Patch.png wavedatapatch, advancedcore
Item Raw Data.png rawdata, hocdata, hocrawdata
Item Pure Data.png puredata, hocpuredata