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Early evening on the same day, after the patrols.

I've compiled the report for the day and recorded the audio file for the AR Team, which is being uploaded to HQ...

Meanwhile, in the center of Area S05, Griffin territory.

Griffin detention centre codenamed "Mario's Princess", altered from a human sanatorium.

System Broadcast: Routine inspections over. Tactical Dolls M4A1,

System Broadcast: M16A1,

System Broadcast: M4 SOPMOND II

System Broadcast: Please return to your quarters.

M16A1: Phwew...

m45: Everyone on the AR Team, this way please.

M4 SOPMOND II: Gosh... It's finally over...

M4 SOPMOND II: It's the same every single day. When is it gonna end?!

M16A1: 16LAB is still working on a way to counteract Parapluie.

M16A1: They'll probably turn us loose once they've got some result...

M4 SOPMOND II: Tsk... Persica'd better hurry.

M4 SOPMOND II: I can't take this much longer...

M4 SOPMOND II: AR-15 is gone... But Sangvis Ferri is still doing whatever the hell they please...


M16A1: SOP-II, we WILL have vengeance.

M16A1: Helian promised she'd assign us to an operation once we're outta here.

M16A1: We'll keep on fulfilling the purpose of the AR Team and turn Sangvis Ferri inside-out till we get to the bottom of Mastermind's identity.

M4 SOPMOND II: Yeah? Then i can't wait to get started...

M4 SOPMOND II: We might as well go straight for this Mastermind!

M4 SOPMOND II: Arghhhh let me out! I wanna tear her to pieces! Pull out all her teeth! And hack off her head!

M4A1: Shut it!

M4A1: Can you just keep quiet?!


M4A1: (softly) ...Sorry.

...M4 walks ahead alone.

M16A1: Just pipe down a little, SOP-II.

M16A1: M4 is taking it the hardest...

M16A1: And you know how hard she tried to put on a happy face in the recording for the commander yesterday.

-to be continued-