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Scene 2-2-1


Grifon S09 Tactical Command Post......


Kalina: Commander, I'm back!


Kalina: Ugggh, I was working in the warehouse up until now, and I'm beat.


Kalina: Ah? Who am I--?

格林:别闹啦指挥官,刚刚在商城还大招呼来着! (TODO: check this line)

Kalina: Don't joke about that, Commander, I just spoke to you in the shop!


Kalina: Let's get down to business. After Miss Helian left, we recieved a new mission from headquarters, please take a look--

Scene 2-2-2


Kalina: Although Scarecrow has already been exterminated, there's a Grifon command post still under SF control.


Kalin: The team Grifon has in the area has been surrounded by SF, and we must recover them as quickly as possible.