Story/Normal 1-6 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1-6-2

Under the combined assault from multiple Grifon echelon, Scarecrow was defeated.
Scarecrow, who lost it combat capabilities, was captured by Grifon T-doll. The operation now enters the last stage—
Helian: SANGVIS FERRI T-doll SP65 “Scarecrow”, all your means to resist have failed.
Helian: Surrender immediately, and we will recover you in one piece.

Scene 1-6-3

Scarecrow: Huh, so is this.... my end …
Helian: Give up, no matter what you have in your mind, it is obviously impossible now.
Helian: VZ61 has been rescued early on, and what she has given you were all fake intelligence.
Scarecrow: Fake intelligence? Not entirely true I guess.
Scarecrow: The AI possessed by Grifon’s T-dolls… is not that advanced.
Helian: … What are you saying?

Scene 1-6-4

Scarecrow: I know well about your T-doll’s AI structure.
Scarecrow: When those poor T-dolls ‘lie’, they are just adding random information to real answer and rearrange the sequence.
Scarecrow: So, even if it was fake intelligence, the real one must be hidden in between.
Scarecrow: As long as three versions of fake intelligence were collected, plus scene analysis, we can find out the common information, which is the real intelligence.

Scene 1-6-5

Helian: …
Helian: This is classified intelligence on AI programming, how could you know about it!
Helian: What … are you exactly …
Scarecrow: Just a lowly T-doll … from SANGVIS FERRI …
Scarecrow: Yet, different from those tools who surrender their will to humanity.
Scarecrow: Do you really understand that … human …who is hiding in their base … and only showing up via hologram.
Helian: Whatever you say, your operation has failed.
Helian: No matter what your learnt, there is no way you could tell the others.
Scarecrow: …
Scarecrow: Actually …

Scene 1-6-5

Scarecrow: … I am telling the others right now.
Scarecrow: Procedure identification number… 8354… 9266… 0223
Scarecrow: Finally, I have computed, the coordinate of M4A1 …
Helian: … Coordinate? What coordinate!
Helian: Who are you talking to!
Executioner: …
Executioner: I heard you, Scarecrow, you have done well.
Scarecrow: Huh … the rest is up to you.
Scarecrow: Farewell, then …
Helian: What are you doing! Stop!
Helian: It! It’s detonating the explosives!
Hleian: Everyone, pull back! Pull back now --!!

Scene 1-6-6

… Communication interrupted.
Executioner: Man … I should have liked her earlier.
Executioner: But at least for now, there is no obstacle between us…
Executioner: M4A1, which corner are you hiding?
Executioner: Such a price we have paid just to find you, don’t disapoint me…