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Story/Hunting Game (Part2)/Script

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[After the FN Team reaches the operational area in the factory...]

FN-57: ...Hm, this is the server, alright.
I didn’t expect it to still be functioning. Let’s begin our work now.

FAL: Everyone else will go scouting with me and then help set up the ambush.
...This time, we won’t let anyone escape!

FN-49: *quietly* FAL seems to be really hung up on how Intruder ran away the last time.

FN-FNC: *quietly* Can you blame her, the mission was a failure, and she can’t take that.

FAL: Oi! Are you still dawdling over there!?

FN-FNC: Uh, yeah... coming.

FN-49: *quietly* ...Don’t tell me she heard us?

FN-FNC: *quietly* Don’t worry, don’t worry, she ignores anything bad that other people say...

FAL: ...You do know I heard all that, right?

[After the scouting team moves off...]

Noel: ...57-san, is there anywhere I can help?

FN-57: Oh my, feeling lonely?
Don’t get anxious yet. I’m still tracing the signal.
If you want to please me... then how about telling me something interesting?

Noel: Ah... what do you mean?

FN-57: Your identity... is that of an “automaton”, I believe.
In other words, you’re not human, are you?

Noel: ...
I... don’t think so.

FN-57: ...You’re not denying it, but just saying you don’t think so?
Hehe, you’re quite a strange person, no matter how I look.

Noel: ...57-san, are you bothered by the fact that you’re not human?

FN-57: Hm... should I say that I’ve never felt that way, or that I wasn’t programmed to feel that way?
You see, I care about “me”, and I’ve never cared about “what I am”.
Neither humans nor dolls can change my purpose.
Other than the fate and identity you were born with...
Surely you must have something which only you possess and which nobody else does, am I correct?

Noel: ...
I have the friends who belong to me, and the things which I must do.
These thoughts and feelings... have nothing to do with being a “human” or an “automaton”.
Therefore... I need to go back, to the place where I belong.
...Thank you, 57-san.

FN-57: Hehe, I should be thanking you.
After all... I was quite pleased to take part in an interesting conversation, you know

Noel: Hehe...

[At the same time, in a certain part of the SF plant...]

Intruder: ...Must you go back?
You came all this way to my garden. Why not enjoy yourself a little more?
It’ll be mealtime soon.
And the “rabbit” won’t let anyone escape.

Elphelt: ...