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Story/E1-1 Part 1/Script

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[...Why… were humans born?]
[It seems they have not yet forgotten that question, even though it has been several millennia since the emergence of human civilization. That was why mankind made us, to either solve this question, or to avoid it.]

PP90: Vivi! Vivi! Did you hear that?

[But nothing has changed. Nothing we and they do has amounted to anything. War is still war, and nothing ended after the apocalypse.]

PP90: Enemies coming from your five! Stop facing forward and look behind!

[What made me hate this world was the fact that today was once again the worst day in my life. But I was not too sad, because tomorrow could always be worse…]

PP90: Vivi! Behind you! Vivi!!!

[Provided I lived to see it, of course.]

[Bang bang!]

PP90: Huh… you got them already?

Vector: If I had waited for you to shout before acting, I’d have been dead by now.

PP90: It’s all because you keep ignoring me, Vivi! I thought you didn’t hear me because you were too tense! Hey, your seven-

Vector: I heard them.

[Bang bang!]

Vector: Before you did.

PP90: Ah! Your feet, your-

[Bang bang!]

[Vector sighs, then kicks away the corpse clinging to her leg and gives it one more shot for good measure.]

Vector: If you had cried out a second sooner, I wouldn’t have heard him rush me.

PP90: S-sorry, I was too nervous… are these… what they call “zombies”? They’re like… you know, the stuff everyone keeps talking about, the ELID whatevers… they don’t fear death. They don’t feel pain, all they do is bite, and they make scary cries...

Vector: Look closely at them. They’re not zombies, at least not the kind that humans talk about.

[Vector uses her foot to hook open the corpse’s abdomen.]

Vector: They’re dolls, like us. We don’t know where they come from, but they die to bullets like anything else.

PP90: Uuu… they look scary enough, just like the things in the games that RFB plays! And we can’t pick up their signals, so we can’t detect them at all… are you really not scared of them, Vivi?

Vector: *laughs coldly* Even if I was afraid, do you think I’d make it in time if I ran now? Either I die by myself here, or drag everyone else into the grave with me… can you do math?

[Bang bang!]

PP90: Don’t be difficult at times like this, Vivi! I don’t want to leave you here by yourself either, but the base is already a mess now after these zombies burst in all of a sudden-

Vector: I can hear them, there’s a huge racket behind you too. So, given that you’re the great and mighty adjutant, why are you sticking with someone like me?

PP90: What do you mean “someone like me”, you’re an elite doll, Vivi!

Vector: So you don’t trust me, then?

[Bang bang!]

PP90: Ahhhh! Honestly, I can’t win with you! You know I haven’t been adjutant for long, so if you don’t trust me, then tell me how I can help you!

Vector: Switch off your comms, turn around, and help the Commander.

PP90: Huh? Am… am I really that useless...

[Bang bang!]

Vector: Or would you rather abandon more of your precious friends and help me stack up sandbags? The next wave of corpses is coming soon, go do what you have to and stop making trouble for me!

PP90: Uuu… Alright, I got it! Then you’d better hang in there, Vivi, I’m almost done here. Remember, safety first! Let me know if anything happens, got that?

Vector: I’m the kind who fears for my life. I’ll let you know when I can’t hold out any longer.

[Vector cuts the transmission.]

Vector: Safety first? This is a battlefield...

[At the same time.]

PP90: Commander, Vivi’s side is alright for now, I can come back to help you! ...Yes, Vivi can hold on, but the zombie attacks are vicious and we have to move fast. What about the withdrawal? Is everyone ready? Huh? You found a gap so soon? That’s the Commander for you, you’re amazing! Please hurry up and clear us a path of retreat and lead us out of here!



PP90:Commander, please be advised! Our information indicates that we’ll encounter self-detonating combies on our axis of retreat, so please be careful! These exploding zombies are very difficult to destroy in a stand-up fight; I would suggest you stay away from them.