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FAL: The hunting game is over, Intruder.

Intruder: That’s alright. We’ve already made a lot of gains.
Unfortunately, we haven’t found a true “automaton” yet.

FAL: ...A true “automaton”?

Intruder: It’s what the “rabbit” has been searching for all this while...
Until she finds it, even I can’t stop her from annihilating all “automatons” in her way.

Noel: ...

FN-49: What exactly is your aim?

Intruder: Aren’t you the most familiar with that? This is just a hunting game.
You’re still a long way off from clearing it, so please enjoy it.

FAL: Hmph... right now, all we need to enjoy is your death.

Intruder: Then I’ll have to apologize for not finishing the script just yet...
My name will just have to stay on your target list for a while longer *throws something*

FN-57: ...This is bad! It’s a tactical smokescreen!

FAL: ...!
You think you can escape with petty tricks like this!

[After the FN Team focuses their fire...]

FN-49: ...Hah... she still managed to get away.

FAL: Tch! ....To think she escaped from under my eyes.

FN-FNC: It seems... we didn’t come away empty-handed, though?

FAL: ...?

FN-FNC: It looks like we shot this off while she was running away... *hands over*

FAL: This... it looks like...
Heh, hehe...

FN-FNC: What, what’s the matter?

FAL: Heh... Intruder, it looks like we’ll be meeting again very soon.

[After the mission is over and everyone has returned to HQ...]

FN-57: It looks like the “rabbit” has a special relationship with SF.

FN-FNC: FAL’s gone to turn in the clues we found. We should be getting some news very soon.

Noel: ...

FN-57: ...What is it, Noel-san?

Noel: Ah! Sorry. Ah, ah... I was just thinking...
Could the true “automaton”... be referring to me?

FN-57: ...Are you an “automaton”?

Noel: How shall I put this... I sort of count, in a certain sense...
Of course, I’m not very sure myself...
About whether the “automaton” that the “rabbit” is looking for is actually...

FN-57: In other words, all the trouble we’ve encountered so far is linked to you, then?

Noel: Urk! ... I’m sorry... It’s all my...

FN-57: That’s right, it’s all your fault that we’re running up and down.

Noel: Uuu... being blamed like this... it feels so unfair...
But at the same time it also seems very familiar...

FN-FNC: Ah... you can’t quite say that.

Noel: Huh?

FN-FNC: Noel appeared with the lightning.
If not for that lightning strike, Intruder might have gotten us back then...
So perhaps... it was Noel who saved us.

Noel: ...Uu! ...I, I’m so touched!
You’re a wonderful person, FNC *hugs*

FN-FNC: Uogh! Get, get off me! ...You’re squeezing too hard!

FAL: ...Problems will have to be dealt with sooner or later.
If the “rabbit’s objective is Noel, that makes things simpler.

FN-57: Oh my, you’ve shown up at last?

FAL: We’ve checked. What we found turned out to be Intruder’s comms module.
We examined it and managed to obtain the coordinates of a certain signal source. While the sender is still unclear...
It appears to be extremely similar to the signal of the “rabbit” that we detected earlier.

FN-57: Not bad~ This looks like good news.

FAL: ...It’s too early to celebrate, 57.
Our scans show that the signal’s position is within an abandoned SF plant to the north. We’ve scouted it before in the past.
Other than a few wandering SF units, the facility is functionally abandoned.
As for why there’s a clue there... I have a bad feeling about this.

Noel: ...Are we making the first move this time?

FAL: We need to go there and scout the place out again. And also...
It’s your turn to shine, Noel-san.

Noel: ...Huh?

FAL: If the “rabbit” will not leave its burrow...

FAL: ...Then we have no choice but to deliver it a “carrot”.