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Kord Story Quotes
Gun Information
Full name Kord-12.7mm Heavy MG
Country of origin Russian Federation
Manufacturer V.A. Degtyarev Plant
Game Information
Faction Griffin & Kryuger
Manufactured /
Revised by
Voice actor Yuuki Kana
Artist 时辰
Released on CN, TW, KR
Chibi Animation

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How to obtain

NORMALHEAVY Not craftable.

DROP Obtained as a possible drop throughout E2-3, E4-4, E5-7 and E6-1 of Shattered Connexion.

REWARD Not obtained as a reward

Exclusive Equipment

There is no exclusive equipment for this T-Doll.

Stats / Data

99(x1)198(x1) / 990(x5) 40(x1) / 140(x5) 30(x1) / 90(x5)
41 109
3 21
3 22
 Rate of Fire
76 110
 Move Speed
 Crit. Rate
 Crit. Damage
 Armor Pen.
 Clip Size

Affects shotguns
Increases damage by 15%
Increases armour by 15%

Weapon Background

Kord is a Russian designed 12.7×108mm calibre heavy machinegun that entered service in 1998 replacing the older NSV machine gun, the catalyst for the development of the weapon was a complete lack of any heavy machine guns in construction at that time in the Russian Federation. Prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the weapon that had functioned as the heavy machine gun was the NSV, or "Utes" or "Utjos" ("утёс", meaning one lonely cliff in Russian, this name was its designation during development) machine gun. The main production centre for the NSV was located in what is now Kazakhstan. Kord comes in many variants such as vehicle mounted, infantry carried, co-axial and anti-aircraft purposes, a few GRAU designations were given for Kord and its variants, they are 6P49, 6P50 and 6P57. The weapon can be modified to chamber .50 BMG cartridge for export sales.

Externally the weapon resembles the NSV; however, the internal mechanism has been extensively reworked, changing from a horizontally pivoting breech block to a rotating bolt design. Additionally the gas system has been changed and the muzzle baffle redesigned. These changes give the weapon reduced recoil compared with the NSV, allowing greater accuracy during sustained fire. The weapon employs new construction, and consequently is significantly lighter than its predecessor. The firing mechanism is very rugged, yet is capable of a greater rate of fire and significantly less recoil. Because a new barrel made of a high-tech alloy minimizes distortion and drop, accuracy has increased tremendously over previous Soviet machine guns. Unlike its predecessor, it may be fired from a bipod — a rather unusual feature for 12.7 mm/.50 caliber heavy machine guns. Its relatively light weight and lesser recoil allows stronger soldiers to move the gun around without assistance.


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