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Kalina is an obtainable Tactical Doll is your adjutant in Girls Frontline. She plays a vital role in the story and also mans the Store, where she will complain if you don't spend anything each visit.

She is obtainable by simply starting your career as a G&K Commander - see the Tutorial. As soon as the game has finished the opening sequences, Kalina will be present as your adjutant (or secretary, if you're more familiar with that term). She will then guide you through the tutorial, which demonstrates various functions and explains basic mechanics of the game.

Like some other T-Dolls, Kalina comes with her stock Live2D outfit enabled by default, unless Live2D is disabled in the game options in which she will be a static image. As you progress in the game, other Kalina outfits will become available for purchase. These outfits are unfortunately static imagery in which she will no longer be animated or react to being tapped or device shakes.

Despite her looks, she cannot participate in battle as she is not armed with any weapons. She is often seen carrying a tablet device which closely resembles a certain fruity company's tablet device.

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Character Info



Additional outfits for Kalina are unlocked by tapping her heart bubble in the shop. While the game keeps track of how many times you have tapped her heart icon, unfortunately the game does not display any form of progress bar or numeric value towards unlocking the next outfit.

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Kalina's outfits can be viewed and changed when in the shop.

  • Default Outfit: Her default appearance. Comes in Live2D format, as well as static image format.
  • Rays of Youth: Kalina sports a loose, thin dress shirt and a striped red tie. Her default skirt becomes slightly longer and solid black instead of plaid, and her sunglasses are replaced with regular, red-rimmed eyeglasses.
  • Urban Freedom: ...
  • Rock 'n' Spanner: ...
  • Grifon Uniform: ...
  • Gems & Fireworks: ...
  • Winter Party: ...


Kalina will say more lines depending on her current affection. The more affection that Kalina has, she will "give" the player more "discounts" in her lines. Her laughter will also become more filled with "affection."

Shop Quotes:

  • "Our stock has been piling up lately... Ah, Commander! Right on time. I'll give you special discounts today!"
  • "I'm starving, Commander..."
  • "Wanna buy something, Commander? I might give you some discounts~"
  • "Morning, Commander. Had breakfast yet?"
  • "Take your time, take your pick."
  • "Heheheh... so much dough... Ack! Didn't see you there, Commander!"

Secretary Quotes:

  • "I have many wishes, but they'll come true one by one as long as I am here, isn't that right, Commander?"
  • "Afternoon, Commander. Have a drink after your nap. You'll perform better.
  • "Thanks for your hard work, Commander!"



  • Has bouncy assets, especially in her Live2D form.
  • Her censored artwork due to Chinese regulations features her wearing a T-Shirt underneath her clothes, her uncensored artwork reveals her cleavage.
    • Her uncensored artwork can be viewed in some cutscenes.
  • Nicknamed "Gold Digger" due to her obsession with Gems.
  • She is enslaved by many players to write Battle Reports, as shown by a Madcore Comic on the "Downloading Game Data" screen in which she finishes a batch of reports, only to be dumped with more combat data. It is also depicted that she had consumed many energy drinks (in the form of the battery consumable item in the comic).
  • Despite saying so, Kalina will NOT give the player any discounts.
  • Her "Grifon Uniform" costume contains an accidental typo.