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"We're not at an optimal state yet, commander."

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Full name Model SPSP "Judge"
Affiliation Sangvis Ferri
Voice actor Toyosaki Aki
Released on CN, TW, KR
Chibi animation

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Elite Defense Doll, Model SPSP

Command-oriented and responsible for Sangvis Ferri HQ's defense and security systems. She's comparable to Elisa's bodyguard and will only listen to Elisa's personal orders. She was a doll built after the "Butterfly Incident". Having to face Dreamer everyday gives her a headache. Stern and old-fashioned, she possesses a soldier's dignity and bearing. She is absolutely loyal to Elisa, but her short stature makes people feel that she lacks presence. Anyone who brings that topic up will suffer terribly. be they friend of foe.


Judge makes her appearance as the boss for Chapter 9-6, 9-4E and Chapter 10-6 as well as a boss in Isomer


Judge is by far the most challenging SF boss in the entire game, and defeating her requires very specific echelons, on the top of being armoured and able to attack 2 targets at once, she should not be underestimated at all.

Judge has a few things which should be taken into consideration when combating her;

  1. She can attack 2 targets at once and is firing at a constant 150 ROF (the same as an MG unit basically).
  2. She's has high Health and is heavily armoured, meaning AP is a necessity against her.
  3. She has 3 skills which she'll be using in battle against us, one of which is already active as soon as the battle starts;
    • Defensive Barrier: Reduces all incoming damage by 70%, Reduces self damage by 50% as well.
    • Corroding Stomp: Every few seconds, jumps high into the air before stomping at our backline leaving a corroding pool that affects 2.5 tiles dealing damage over time for a few seconds.
    • Berserk: Once Judge gets below 70% HP, removes her active barrier and increases her base damage by 100% and damage received by 50%

Now that you've taken these things into consideration, Standard echelons wont be as effective against Judge and commanders will have to rely on MGSG echelons to deal with her, and as battles against Judge tend to extend on for longer then usual, one should consider bringing MG's who are in possession of active skills such as MG M1918Thumb button.pngM1918 , MG LWMMGThumb button.pngLWMMG , or ammo giving skills such as MG PKPThumb button.pngPKP , MG MG4Thumb button.pngMG4 , MG MG3Thumb button.pngMG3 , MG AmeliThumb button.pngAmeli  as well as possess Armour buffing tiles. Though on the topic of extended battles, there is one MG whose perfect for this situation: MG NegevThumb button.pngNegev . MG's in possession of passive skills such as MG MG5Thumb button.pngMG5  and such may not be as effective against Judge due to her passive shield reducing all incoming damage by a large amount,

For SG's they should be Armour focused SG's such as SG KSGThumb button.pngKSG , the Mossberg Sisters, SG Super ShortyThumb button.pngSuper Shorty , and so on, for equipment your SG's should be equipped with Slugs and an EOT to maximize the damage done to Judge.

As Judge is in possession of an attack that deals splash damage and deals damage over time covering the middle and back line, the T-dolls on the frontline are completely safe from the corroding floor, this can be capitalized on by moving one of your MG's to the empty spot on the Front, as long as Judge is shooting both of your tanking SG's she will not redirect her attacks to the MG when they reach the frontline though this will not always be the case, in the event she does happen to re-target and attack your MG as they're moving to the frontline, you might be better off either retreating and starting over the battle again, or... tough it out.

Lore / Story involvement