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(Possible T-Doll banner?)
(Possible T-Doll banner?)
{{p|[[File:Isomer_Node.jpg|thumb|300px|The small symbol below the node shows the crate eligibility]]}}
{{p|[[File:Isomer_Node.png|thumb|300px|The small symbol below the node shows the crate eligibility]]}}
{{p|[[File:Isomer_Credits.jpg|thumb|300px|Current and accomulated credits for unlocking nodes]]}}
{{p|[[File:Isomer_Credits.png|thumb|300px|Current and accomulated credits for unlocking nodes]]}}
{{p|[[File:Remote_Device_Tutorial.jpg|thumb|300px|Swipe to switch between devices]]}}
{{p|[[File:Remote_Device_Tutorial.png|thumb|300px|Swipe to switch between devices]]}}
* New T-Dolls
* New T-Dolls
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== Preparation ==
== Plot ==

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"Maintenance is still ongoing."

This article is a work in progress. Additional information will follow soon.

Give us some time. - User:HellScythe42

Official login wallpaper

The early 2019 story event starts after ??th of January maintenance and closes with ??th of February maintenance. The event code name is Isomer.

The story revolves around DEFY, AR, SF, KCCO, G&K and Paradeus. -- TODO: Declare a better summary.




Overall difficulty

Todo... Two difficulty modes...

New elements and mechanics

(Possible T-Doll banner?)

The small symbol below the node shows the crate eligibility
Current and accomulated credits for unlocking nodes
Swipe to switch between devices

Icon banner arrow left.png Icon banner arrow right.png

  • New T-Dolls
    • MG Lewis GunThumb button.pngLewis Gun  (Reward - Acquired after beating ???)
    • RF KSVKThumb button.pngKSVK  (Reward - Acquired after beating ???)
    • HG HS2000Thumb button.pngHS2000  (Random drop of crates; guaranteed drop on 777 crates)
    • HG P22Thumb button.pngP22  (Random drop on certain maps)
    • MG UKM-2000Thumb button.pngUKM-2000  (Random drop on certain maps)
    • SMG X95Thumb button.pngX95  (Random drop on certain maps)
  • New fairies
  • Event reward currency: Crates
    • Players will be rewarded with crates upon completing event maps
      • The amount varies between nodes
      • Normal difficulty rewards 6-10 crates and Hard difficulty rewards 8-15 crates
    • Crate reward eligibility is reset everyday at 00:00 am Beijing time
    • Crate symbol below map nodes will indicate the crate reward eligibility
    • Crates are exchangable for random rewards
  • Node locking (Credits)
    • All nodes - both story and battle - are locked by default except the first one
    • Battle nodes yield the amount of credits shown on the right side of the node
    • Nodes with a lock cannot be accessed until they are unlocked with the amount of credits shown on the lock
    • ToDo: describe how credits are accumulated
  • Remote devices
    • Remote devices need to be switched to green to access their target (mostly doors)
      • The player needs to place an echelon on a remote device node to switch its state
      • It is not neccessary to capture the node to use it
    • The device can be accessed and used multiple times in a single round
    • Once activated (green) the player can swipe the menu to access the different devices connected



Ready to Sortie!

Now that you're ready, click on the links below for detailed guides on how to clear the maps throughout Isomer.

Detailed Guide on E1 "???"

Detailed Guide on E2 "???"

Detailed Guide on E3 "???"