Heavy Ordnance Corps

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  • Heavy Ordnance Corps (HOC) units appear as normal units on the battlefield
  • You can have only one of each HOC unit as they are unlocked not gained
  • So called Chips (Tetris like stones) are used as "equipment" for the HOC units
  • All interactions are within the Dormitory menu

Todo: More information.


Research center

Mission board

Provides up to 3 additional quests. Quest rewards are Item Raw Data.png Raw Samples and Item Pure Data.png Pure Samples.

Data receiver

Every 8 (ToDo: 8?) hours Item Raw Data.png Raw Samples and Item Pure Data.png Pure Samples can be harvested here. ToDo: Does this stack?

Data storage

Defines how many Item Raw Data.png Raw Samples and Item Pure Data.png Pure Samples you can hold.


Processes your Item Raw Data.png Raw Samples and Item Pure Data.png Pure Samples.

  • The level of the Computer determines the research tasks you can start parallel and the time it will take (down to 4 hours).
  • A research task can be started either with 20 Item Raw Data.png Raw Samples or 20 Item Pure Data.png Pure Samples.
  • You can instantly finish a research task with a Item Quick Analysis Contract.png Quick Analysis Contract similiar to repair or production.
  • The result will be a Chip (Tetris like stone) or a HOC Data Unit (ToDo: What's it called?).
  • Item Pure Data.png Pure Samples have a higher chance to result in a HOC Data Unit.
  • HOC Data Units will be automatically assigned to the corresponding HOC unit.
  • Once you aquired 5 Data Units of a HOC unit you can tap the + symbol on it to unlock it.
  • Once unlocked all further Data Units will upgrade the HOC unit.


  • Upper button on the left side: The overview of all your Chips
    • You can upgrade your chips here. This consumes duplicate chips, much like how equipment enhancement works, using Chips of the same color or higher rarity will give more xp.
    • Unneeded Chips can be scrapped here for a small amount of resources back.
  • Lower button on the left side: Here you can scrap unneeded HOC data samples
    • Scrapping a sample will result in a Item Wave Data Patch.png WAVE Data Patch. (ToDo: What is this for?)
  • Lower button "Support units": General overview of your HOC units. You can upgrade them here.


Level determines the amount of Chips you can collect.

Washing machine

Used to restore your HOC units. Level adds another slot up to a max level of 3 (=4 slots).

Shooting range

Used to train your HOC units. You can chose to increase base experience or skill experience here.

  • For Experience Training, You need Item Battery.png and Item Advanced Combat Report.png to do so.
  • For Skill Training, you need all 3 tiers of Data as well as Item Battery.png

In Battle

  • HOC units can only be deployed on a specific helipad.
    • You can deploy a normal echelon or a HOC unit on it
    • Can first be found in chapter 9 and throughout 10 as well.
    • This is the only field where a HOC unit can resupply themselves.
  • A HOC unit CANNOT attack another SF unit directly, you'll get a prompt warning you if you try.
  • HOC units support your echelons in a range of 2, though some Units may have higher or lesser range.
    • Multiple HOC units can support an echelon parallel.
    • One can choose to toggle off one of their HOC supports by tapping/clicking on that unit and flipping the switch off.
    • Each support task will consume 1 ammo and ration tick.
  • If attacked by an enemy the HOC unit will flee in terror.
    • you will be able to redeploy them at their Airfield, though you will need to repair them first which can also be done at the airfield.

Known units

2B14  ·  AGS-30  ·  AT4  ·  BGM-71  ·  M2  ·  QLZ-04