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Greetings, Commander!

The Girls’ Frontline is a mobile game through Mica Team's independent research and development. Girls’ Frontline is now available on Android and iOS system.

Speaking of the GF, it can be generally called “Tactical EDU(Education Simulation) Mobile Game”.

The main idea of the Game: Players can defeat enemies by collecting and training tactical girls (Tactical Dolls).

The gameplay of GF can be roughly divided into developing part and battle part. Every battle consumes resources (Man power, Ammunition, Rations and Components). Although these four resources will increase in every minute, consumption of the war needs more. In this case, players need to balance their resources between battle and support. In addition, every tactical girl is Level 1 when players obtained, and requires experiences and enhancement to become stronger.

File:资源.jpg From left to right, these resources are: Man power, Ammunition, Rations and Components

File:level.jpg A tactical girl comes with level 1.

In the battle part, the mode of battle is combined with SLG and 2D act elements. Tactical girls that player controlled are formed into squads to join the battle.

We have designed several scenarios for the game. In each episode of scenarios, the battle map is different, and so called “Path points” are linked on maps. Squads of tactical girls and enemies moving on these path points, and acquiring victory by capture opponent’s HQ(Path points include in HQs, Airports, Random event points, Radar, regular points, etc.).

The two forces are acting by turns. For every turn, the player has several ‘Action Points’, which depends on the amount of Airport the player captured and Squads on the battlefield that player owned. HQ provides 1 AP as well. Squads’ movement and new squad’s settlement would consume APs.

Every enemy squad owns a single AP in one turn. When the two forces face each other on a same path point, the fight begins.

When fight begins, player’s squad appears on the left side of the screen, and the enemy appears on the other side. Squads approach to each other, and start shooting when getting close enough. Every character in both squads has Hit Points, one squad wins when another squad is eliminated. Besides, player would lose the fight if enemy move to the leftmost.

Player is able to drag his squad members in a 3*3 table, in order to make tactical adjustments (such as pull wounded character back, or block enemy approaches). When the fight ends, the game goes back to the battle map, the lost side would get eliminated from the Path Point.

Every friendly squad carry basic loads of Ration and Ammunition. A fully prepared squad has 10 loads of Ration and 5 loads of AMMO.

Every squad consumes 1 load of Ration naturally when one turn ends, and each fight consumes both 1 load of Ration and AMMO. This means the squad is able to take part in no more than 5 fights without supplement.

A squad with empty load of Ration/AMMO can still make movements on the battle map, somehow once the squad get involved into a fight, the squad is unable to fire back - the player must choose ‘retreat’ at the moment, otherwise the squad would get flattened like sitting ducks.