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Editing/Creating T-Doll Pages

For page restructuring conveniences, T-Doll pages are made through using a single template. To create a T-Doll page, simply copy the code in Template:T-Doll, paste them in the desired doll page, and fill in the parameters.

Parameter Information
title deprecated
index The index number of the T-Doll.
nationality The country of origin of the gun.
classification What class it belongs to in the game. Use abbreviations: HG/SMG/AR/RF/MG
rarity The rarity of the T-Doll in stars, from 1 to 5.
manufacturer The manufacturer (or manufacturers) that have produced the gun in the past.
artist The artist behind the T-Doll.
fullname Full name of the gun from its manufacturers.
voiceactor The voice actor behind the T-Doll, if it has voice acting.
min_dmg Damage stat of the T-Doll at lv1.
max_dmg Damage stat of the T-Doll at lv100.
min_eva Evasion stat of the T-Doll at lv1.
max_eva Evasion stat of the T-Doll at lv100.
min_acc Accuracy stat of the T-Doll at lv1.
max_acc Accuracy stat of the T-Doll at lv100.
min_rof Rate of Fire stat of the T-Doll at lv1.
max_rof Rate of Fire stat of the T-Doll at lv100.
min_hp HP stat of the T-Doll at lv1.
max_hp HP stat of the T-Doll at lv100.
mov Movement speed of the T-Doll
craft Production Time for the T-Doll
aura1 First line for aura effects. Usually about what gun types it affects. E.G. Affect handguns
aura2 Second line for aura effects. E.G. Increases rate of fire by 10%
aura3 Third line for aura effects. Format is same as aura2, but this parameter may be omitted if the T-Doll does not have another effect
tile1, tile2, tile3, tile4, tile6, tile7, tile8, tile9 The tile to light up for the gun's tile effect. The template uses numpad notation. E.G. To light up tile6(→), put tile6 = 1
skillname Name of T-Doll's skill
skillid The corresponding icon filename of the skill. Do not add ".png" to it.
characterid If the character has voice acting, this is based on the file name of the voice clips. See the current characterid list for the T-Dolls with voice acting so far here. By default this will be the page name.
backgroundinfo Content under the Background Info section. Typically information behind the gun itself.
trivia Various trivia behind the gun or the T-Doll, but try to keep things objective
references References used for this page. Make sure everything is within the CC 3.0 license.

Skill name and icons

The current accepted translations for terms used in skill name are as follows:

  • 杀伤 = Anti-personnel
  • 爆破 = High explosive
  • 榴弹 = Grenade
  • 专注 = Focus
  • 火力 = Firepower, Fire(Fire Command only)
  • 突击 = Assault
  • 精确 = Precision
  • 掩护 = Cover
  • 压制 = Suppression
  • 干扰 = Disruption
  • 号令 = Command
  • 手榴弹 = Hand Grenade
  • 立场盾 = Forcefield [to be dicussed: forceshield]
  • 瞄准射击 = Aimed Shot
  • 定点射击 = Designated Shot
  • 阻断射击 = Interdiction Shot
  • 燃烧弹 = Incendiary Grenade
  • 烟雾弹 = Smoke Grenade
  • 照明弹 = Flare(edited)

The list of icon IDs: File:skill icon list.png