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Todo List:
Todo List:
*Give a better summery of system
*Give a better summery of system

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Todo List:

  • Give a better summery of system
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The Expedition Facility is a new type of system which functions similar to Logistics. This facility can be accessed from the home page or by clicking on the "Forward Base" in the 3D Base Overview.

In this facility, Commanders will be able to send their T-dolls and pets out on long expeditions which yield a new set of resources used exclusively in the Black Market, as well as being able to obtain various rations which can be used to affect expeditions and even other items and equipment can be randomly obtained during expeditions.

Upon entering this new room, there are 3 facilities you can interact with:

  • Command Console: This Console is used to designate T-dolls and Pets and assign them to expeditions of your choice. (Max Lv.10)
  • Storage Rack: A Storage rack used to store obtained lootcrates and expedition crates, which will be given to the player upon interaction, Crates stocked on the left side are crates obtained through random events which can happen throughout and expedition and Crates stocked on the right are for crates obtained through a completed expedition. (Max Lv.6)
  • Black Market: A shady shop manned by our trusty Adjutant Kalina, you can use this shop to exchange your Expedition Gifts for a variety of rewards and items, including exclusive equipment, Furniture pieces, T-doll effects and even consumable items.