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October 22nd

Trade-In Rewards
Trade-In Rewards

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Freaky Pandemic

October 22nd 06:00 UTC-8 ~ November 11th 23:59 UTC-8

A special Halloween-themed event has commenced!

Freaky Pandemic is a relatively easy event and features new stages, new story, and fun rewards.

Clearing any event map will reward you with 10 Strange Soap. 60 Strange Soap can be obtained per day.

Trade in Strange Soap to the event shop for neat rewards, like equipment and AR FAMASThumb button.pngFAMAS 's costume, Guns 'N Side Boxes!

The event shop will close November 18th 23:59 UTC-8. Make sure to trade in all of your Strange Soap by then.

See images for more information on event shop items.

Invitation from the Full Moon

October 22nd 06:00 UTC-8 ~ November 18th 23:59 UTC-8

A new Halloween costume gacha has been added to the re-supply!

Additionally, 5* furniture set "Halloween Town", 4* furniture set "Garden Tea Party", and 3* furniture set "Wine and Refuge" are featured in the gacha too.

The included costumes are the following:

Invitation from the Full Moon

IWS 2000 Halloween Costume

October 22nd 06:00 UTC-8 ~ November 18th 23:59 UTC-8

RF IWS 2000Thumb button.pngIWS 2000 's Halloween costume, "The Seventh Sealer", is available for purchase in a costume package!

The package contains "The Seventh Sealer", Item Token.png x100, and Item Oath Certificate.png x1 for the price of Icon gem.png x2588. Limited to one purchase per account.



Halloween Carnival Rerun

October 22nd 06:00 UTC-8 ~ November 18th 23:59 UTC-8

"Halloween Carnival" costumes are back! They are available in the Radiant Collection re-supply.

The featured costumes are the following:


Alongside the gacha rerun, the "Halloween Carnival" costume packages are back too!

Limited to 1 purchase of each package per account.

  • HG Mk23Thumb button.pngMk23 's Halloween package contains Item Token.png x50, Item Advanced Training Data.png x200, and "Impish Sweetheart" for Icon gem.png x1288.
  • HG MakarovThumb button.pngMakarov 's Halloween package contains Item Token.png x30, Item Calibration Ticket.png x100, Item Intermediate Training Data.png x200, and "Pumpkin Mishka" for Icon gem.png x888.
  • SMG m45Thumb button.pngm45 's Halloween package contains Item Token.png x10 and "Candy Express" for Icon gem.png x388.

Promotion EN 2019 Oct 22 4.png

Halloween Madness Package

October 22nd 06:00 UTC-8 ~ November 18th 23:59 UTC-8

A package containing Item Token.png x200, Name Change Card x1, and Item Soul-Stirring Meat Buns.png x5 is available for the price of Icon gem.png x1198.

Promotion EN 2019 Oct 22 5.png

Commander's Yukata Discount

October 22nd 06:00 UTC-8 ~ November 18th 23:59 UTC-8

The commander's yukata outfit pieces are on a 20% discount right now!

Currently, the pieces are each priced at Icon gem.png x400.

October 19th


Under the Crimson Sky

October 19th 00:00 UTC-8 ~ October 25th 23:59 UTC-8

A login event is being held! Log in to receive resources and 20 crates a day, up to 7 day's worth of crates.

The crates can be exchanged in a lottery system for cool goodies, such as 5* T-Dolls and the exclusive equipment Advanced Individual Optic!

One Advanced Individual Optic is guaranteed on the 100th roll.

See image for more information on rewards.

October 15th

T-Doll Rescue

Promotion EN 2019 Oct 15.jpg

October 15th 06:00 UTC-8 ~ October 21st 23:59 UTC-8

Certain T-Dolls are now available as a map limited drop! Obtain S-Rank victory against the boss(es) of the designated map or clear the map with S rank for a chance of obtaining the featured T-Doll. The featured T-Dolls are also obtainable through Auto-Battles.

  • T-Dolls and Location:
  • HG K5Thumb button.pngK5  - Normal 1-6/Emergency 1-4
  • SMG PP-19Thumb button.pngPP-19  - Normal 2-6/Emergency 2-4
  • AR AUGThumb button.pngAUG  - Normal 3-6/Emergency 3-4
  • AR MDRThumb button.pngMDR  - Normal 4-6/Emergency 4-4
  • RF TAC-50Thumb button.pngTAC-50  - Normal 5-6/Emergency 5-4
  • HG ContenderThumb button.pngContender  - Normal 6-6/Emergency 6-4

October 11th


Monthly Gems Card Bonus

October 11th 00:00 UTC-8 ~ October 17th 23:59 UTC-8

Gems obtained from the "Monthly Gems Card" will temporarily be doubled (e.g. x30 Icon gem.png → x60 Icon gem.png).

This applies to both Monthly Gems Cards purchased prior to the event and Monthly Gems Cards purchased during the event.

October 8th


Rescue Voting

October 8th 00:00 UTC-8 ~ October 10th 23:59 UTC-8

Addendum: The following T-Dolls have been selected for the rescue event coming on Oct. 15th:

A rescue voting event is ongoing! Commanders can vote to decide which T-Dolls will later be featured in a rescue event.

During a rescue event, selected T-Dolls are available as a limited drop from certain regular maps.

Commanders can choose one girl from each group A, B, C, D, then choose two girls from group E.

The list of T-Dolls is as follows:

October 3rd

Promotion EN 2019 Oct 3.jpg

Great Success Rate-Up

October 3rd 00:00 UTC-8 ~ October 9th 23:59 UTC-8

The chance of obtaining a great success upon clearing a logistic operation will be increased by 50% (e.g. 60% → 90%).

Stockpile up some resources for the upcoming events!

October 1st


Daily Special

October 1st 00:00 UTC-8 ~ October 31st 23:59 UTC-8

The daily special is available for purchase! It contains Item Battery.png x100, Item Basic Training Data.png x600, Item Intermediate Training Data.png x300 and Item Advanced Training Data.png x150.

The price of the daily special is Icon gem.png x118.

One purchase available per account, per day.


Special Offer

October 1st 00:00 UTC-8 ~ October 7th 23:59 UTC-8

For a limited time, you can purchase a package that contains Strawberry Custard Cheesecake x10, Item Quick Training Contract.png x1, Item Token.png x100 and Item Battery.png x1000.

The price of the special offer is Icon gem.png x580.

Limited to 1 purchase per account.