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June 22ndEdit


Combat EXP BoostEdit

June 22nd 00:00 UTC-8 ~ July 1st 23:59 UTC-8

Combat EXP gained from all combat missions will be boosted to 150%.

This boosts acts as a final modifier on top of MVP/Leader bonuses.

June 18thEdit


Combat Simulation EventEdit

June 18th 00:00 UTC-8 ~ June 24th 23:59 UTC-8

All three combat simulations are available every day until the event ends.

June 15thEdit


Monthly Gems Card Double BonusEdit

June 15th 00:00 UTC-8 ~ June 21st 23:59 UTC-8

For the duration of the event, gems obtained from the "Monthly Gems Card" will be doubled (x30   → x60  ).

This applies to Monthly Gems Cards purchased prior to the event.

June 8thEdit

Trade-In Rewards

The Rice Dumpling DayEdit

June 8th 00:00 UTC-8 ~ June 28th 23:59 UTC-8

Clear ch. 1-6 boss maps on normal to receive metal zongzi that can be traded in for goodies-- including RF TAC-50 TAC-50     !

(See pic on the right for more rewards).

Each map gives 12 metal zongzi per clear, per day.


Eastern ParadiseEdit

June 8th 00:00 UTC-8 ~ June 28th 23:59 UTC-8

A new resupply gacha has been added!

It features lovely eastern costumes for the following T-Dolls:

  • AR K2 K2     's "Far East Princess"

Furniture Preview

Also included is the 5* furniture set "Swimming Fish, Flying Geese".

June 7thEdit


Half Price ResourcesEdit

June 7th 00:00 UTC-8 ~ June 9th 23:59 UTC-8

The prices of resource and contract packages are temporarily halved.

June 4thEdit

New T-Dolls

New T-Dolls in ProductionEdit

June 8th 00:00 UTC-8 ~ June 9th 23:59 UTC-8

New T-Dolls were added to the production pool June 4th. They will have increased pull rates from June 8th to June 9th.

The new T-Dolls are the following:

June 1stEdit


Daily SpecialEdit

June 1st 00:00 UTC-8 ~ June 30th 23:59 UTC-8

The daily special package for June is available and contains   x200 and   x200 for   x118.

One purchase available per day.


Special Offer PackageEdit

June 1st 00:00 UTC-8 ~ June 7th 23:59 UTC-8

For a limited time, a special offer package containing cake x10,   x1000,   x1, and   x100 is available for the price of   x580.

Limited to one purchase.