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November 6th

7 Days Frontline Supply

Daily Login Event

November 6th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ November 13th 23:59 GMT-8
All commanders who login during the course of the event can achieve daily rewards, even those who went through the old Frontline supply event.
Some additional rewards can be gained by purchasing gems, although gems obtained through the first-time bonus do not count. A monthly pass counts as 300 gems.

Event Rewards:

  • Day 1
    • Free Reward: 3-Star RF M14
    • 60 Gems Reward: 50 gems.
    • Day 1 Package (380 gems): Item Quick Training Contract.pngx10
  • Day 2
    • Free Reward: 3-Star MG M2HB
    • 300 Gems Reward: 100 gems.
    • Day 2 Package (640 gems): Icon manpower.pngx1500, Icon ammo.pngx1500, Icon ration.pngx1500, Icon parts.pngx1500
  • Day 3
    • Free Reward: 3-Star RF FF FNC
    • 600 Gems Reward: 120 gems.
    • Day 3 Package (800 gems): Item Quick Training Contract.pngx3, Item Enhancement Capsule.pngx10, Item Basic Training Data.pngx400, Item Combat Report.pngx20
  • Day 4
    • Free Reward: Item Quick Production Contract.pngx3
    • 1,000 Gems Reward: 150 gems.
    • Day 4 Package (800 gems): Item Quick Training Contract.pngx5, Item Enhancement Capsule.pngx20, Item Intermediate Training Data.pngx900, Item Combat Report.pngx30
  • Day 5
    • Free Reward: Item T-Doll Contract.pngx3
    • 2,000 Gems Reward: 16Lab 6-24X56, Item Combat Report.pngx20 , 200 Gems
    • Day 5 Package (2,400 gems): Item Quick Training Contract.pngx2, Item Enhancement Capsule.pngx30, Item Advanced Training Data.pngx500, Item Combat Report.pngx100
  • Day 6
    • Free Reward:
    • Gems Reward:
    • Day 6 Package (gems):
  • Day 7
    • Free Reward:
    • Gems Reward:
    • Day 7 Package (gems):

November 5th

Great Success Rate-Up Event

Logistics Success Up

November 5th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ November 11th 23:59 GMT-8
The chance of getting a Great Success during logistics missions will be increased.

November 1st

November Daily Special

November Daily Special

November 1st 00:00 GMT-8 ~ November 31st 23:59 GMT-8

Item Dummy Core.pngx1, Item Advanced Training Data.pngx400, Item Advanced Training Data.pngx150

Package cost: 118 Icon gem.png (One Purchase per day)

November Special Offer

November Special Offer

November 1st 00:00 GMT-8 ~ November 7th 23:59 GMT-8

Item Quick Training Contract.pngx1, Item Oath Certificate.pngx1, Item Battery.pngx1000, Cakex10

Package cost: 580 Icon gem.png (One Purchase)