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May 8th 22nd
June 5th 12th 16th 25th
July 3rd 7th 10th 17th
August 1st 4th 16th-20th
100 Day Anniversary
22nd 25th
September 1st 4th 8th 11th 25th
October 1st 6th 16th 23th 27th
November 1st 6th 13th 20th
Operation Rabbit Hunt

Most Recent

November 24th

Phantom Marauders

Resupply Gacha

November 24th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ December 10th 23:59 GMT-8
Costume and furniture gacha event.

  • M99's "Rabbit Squad" Costume
  • NZ75's "ThanX! & Go2Hell!" Costume
  • Super-Shorty's "Crossing in Labyrinth" Costume
  • RMB-93's "Cross the Milky Way" Costume
  • Pixel Forest Furniture Set (5-Star)
  • Pirate's Legacy Furniture Set (4-Star)

November 20th

Operation Rabbit Hunt

Collab Event
Exclusive Costumes

November 20th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ December 10th 23:59 GMT-8
Collaboration Event with BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. Participate in combat missions to defeat Sangvis Ferri and rescue new T-Dolls. Includes Noel Vermillion & Elphelt Valenetine as clear & drop rewards. Clearing stages daily will unlock Seithrs which can be used to generate random rewards.

There are three cash-only costumes released for the Collaboration T-Dolls.

  • Elphelt's "Magnum Wedding" - $8.99
  • Elphelt's "Doll Annihilator" - $19.99
  • Noel's "μ-12" - $29.99

November 18th

Celebration Login Event

Login Event

November 18th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ November 25th 23:59 GMT-8
Daily Login Event.

  • Day 1: Item T-Doll Contract.pngx2
  • Day 2: Item Intermediate Training Data.pngx500
  • Day 3: Item Battery.pngx200
  • Day 4: Item Dummy Core.pngx5
  • Day 5: Item Quick Production Contract.pngx5
  • Day 6: Item Advanced Training Data.pngx300
  • Day 7: 5-Star HG NZ75

November 13th

T-Doll Rateup

T-Doll Release

November 13th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ November 14th 23:59 GMT-8
New Batch of T-Dolls released with a rate-up alongside it.

Veteran Callback Event

Veteran Callback Event

November 13th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ December 31st 23:59 GMT-8
During the event commanders that are above level 15 and that have not logged in since October 30th 2018 will receive special rewards.

  • Super SASS x1
  • Item Basic Training Data.pngx600, Item Intermediate Training Data.pngx620, Item Advanced Training Data.pngx200, Item Quick Restoration Contract.pngx20, Item Combat Report.pngx235, Item Dummy Core.pngx21, Icon manpower.pngx5000, Icon ration.pngx5000, Icon ammo.pngx5000, Icon parts.pngx5000 and Bonus Energy x12

Commanders that support returning veterans can also recieve rewards by adding them to their friends list, if they are already on it then you will need to delete and re-add them. Rewards:

  • Item Token.pngx10, Item Battery.pngx50, Icon manpower.pngx500, Icon ration.pngx500, Icon ammo.pngx500, Icon parts.pngx500 and Bonus Energy x3

Half Price Resources and Contracts

Discount Event

November 13th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ November 19th 23:59 GMT-8
Prices of resources and T-Doll & Quick Production Contracts cut in half for the duration of the event.

November 6th

7 Days Frontline Supply

Daily Login Event

November 6th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ November 13th 23:59 GMT-8
All commanders who login during the course of the event can achieve daily rewards, even those who went through the old Frontline supply event.
Some additional rewards can be gained by purchasing gems, although gems obtained through the first-time bonus do not count. A monthly pass counts as 300 gems.

Event Rewards:

  • Day 1
    • Free Reward: 3-Star RF M14
    • 60 Gems Reward: 50 gems.
    • Day 1 Package (380 gems): Item Quick Training Contract.pngx10
  • Day 2
    • Free Reward: 3-Star MG M2HB
    • 300 Gems Reward: 100 gems.
    • Day 2 Package (640 gems): Icon manpower.pngx1500, Icon ammo.pngx1500, Icon ration.pngx1500, Icon parts.pngx1500
  • Day 3
    • Free Reward: 3-Star RF FF FNC
    • 600 Gems Reward: 120 gems.
    • Day 3 Package (800 gems): Item Quick Training Contract.pngx3, Item Enhancement Capsule.pngx10, Item Basic Training Data.pngx400, Item Combat Report.pngx20
  • Day 4
    • Free Reward: Item Quick Production Contract.pngx3
    • 1,000 Gems Reward: 150 gems.
    • Day 4 Package (1,800 gems): Item Quick Training Contract.pngx5, Item Enhancement Capsule.pngx20, Item Intermediate Training Data.pngx900, Item Combat Report.pngx30
  • Day 5
    • Free Reward: Item T-Doll Contract.pngx3
    • 2,000 Gems Reward: 16Lab 6-24X56, Item Combat Report.pngx20 , 200 Gems
    • Day 5 Package (2,400 gems): Item Quick Training Contract.pngx2, Item Enhancement Capsule.pngx30, Item Advanced Training Data.pngx500, Item Combat Report.pngx100
  • Day 6
    • Free Reward: Icon manpower.pngx500, Icon ammo.pngx500, Icon ration.pngx500, Icon parts.pngx500
    • 3,000 Gems Reward: Item Dummy Core.pngx5, 300 gems
    • Day 6 Package (3,200 gems): Item T-Doll Contract.pngx20, Item Equipment Contract.pngx20, Item Quick Production Contract.pngx20, Item Dummy Core.pngx10
  • Day 7
    • Free Reward:
    • Gems Reward:
    • Day 7 Package (gems):

November 5th

Great Success Rate-Up Event

Logistics Success Up

November 5th 00:00 GMT-8 ~ November 11th 23:59 GMT-8
The chance of getting a Great Success during logistics missions will be increased.

November 1st

November Daily Special

November Daily Special

November 1st 00:00 GMT-8 ~ November 31st 23:59 GMT-8

Item Dummy Core.pngx1, Item Advanced Training Data.pngx400, Item Advanced Training Data.pngx150

Package cost: 118 Icon gem.png (One Purchase per day)

November Special Offer

November Special Offer

November 1st 00:00 GMT-8 ~ November 7th 23:59 GMT-8

Item Quick Training Contract.pngx1, Item Oath Certificate.pngx1, Item Battery.pngx1000, Cakex10

Package cost: 580 Icon gem.png (One Purchase)