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| 2000
| 2000
| 3rd Anniversary Furniture piece x1<br /> {{Icon|Memory Fragment}} x100, {{Icon|Advanced Training Data}} x200, Simulation Energy x10
| {{Icon|Memory Fragment}} x100, {{Icon|Advanced Training Data}} x200, Simulation Energy x10
| 2400
| 2400

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May 1st

Daily Discount Package

Promotion slide

May 1st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ May 31st 23:59 GMT+8

Package content:

Item Battery.png x100, Item Calibration Ticket.png x100, Item Advanced Training Data.png x150.

One purchase available per day

Package cost: 118 Icon gem.png

May Monthly Bundle

Promotion slide

May 1st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ May 7th 23:59 GMT+8

For a Limited Time, the April Monthly Bundle will be available for purchase in Kalina's shop. This bundle is limited to 1 purchase only.

Package content:

Item Quick Training Contract.png x1, Item Token.png x100, Item Battery.png x1000, Strawberry Shortcake x10.

Packages cost: 580 Icon gem.png

Double Monthly Gems

Promotion slide

May 1st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ May 7th 23:59 GMT+8

For a limited time, Monthly gem cards will give double the amount of gems throughout the first week of May!

May 4th

Special Rescue Event

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May 4th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ May 12th 23:59 GMT+8

Starting May 4th, a special Rescue event will commence, players will be tasked with hunting down SF bosses from Chapters 1 ~ 6 for a chance of obtaining special T-dolls.

List of T-dolls who require a hero:

May 9th

Prairial's Allure Re-Run

Promotion slide

May 9th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ May 16th 23:59 GMT+8

Starting on May 9th, The Radiant Collection will begin their re-run of the "Prairial's Allure" Procurement pool, costumes from said pool will be temporarily added to the Radiant Collection and have a 50% increased obtain chance along with their respective furniture sets.

The Following costumes will be temporarily added:

May 13th

Honey & 4-Leaf Clover

Promotion slide

May 13rd 00:00 GMT+8 ~ June 2nd 23:59 GMT+8

Feeling lucky? RF R93Thumb button.pngR93  is waiting just for you~ Starting on May 13th, a Point event will open up, complete task from each phase and gather up enough points to obtain the new 5* RF RF R93Thumb button.pngR93 ! A New set of quests will open every week throughout this Events 3 week duration. Players who were not present during the games 1st anniversary, will be glad to hear that Kalina's "Griffon Uniform" costume will also be up for grabs during this Point Event! so start gathering ASAP!

Accumulating points will reward the following items: (Note, the rewards and quests currently listed are placeholders they will be updated when the event actually beings.)

Points Reward
100 Icon ration.png x1000, Icon ammo.png x1000
200 Item Enhancement Capsule.png x20, Item Quick Restoration Contract.png x5
500 HK416 3rd anniversary player Icon x1
Item Quick Production Contract.png x5, Item Intermediate Training Data.png x200
800 Item T-Doll Contract.png x5, Item Memory Fragment.png x100, Item Battery.png x200
1200 Item Token.png x20, Item Quick Training Contract.png x1, Item Dummy Core.png x10
1800 RF R93Thumb button.pngR93 
Kalina's "Griffon Uniform" Costume x1
2000 Item Memory Fragment.png x100, Item Advanced Training Data.png x200, Simulation Energy x10
2400 Challenger Medallion x1
Item Memory Fragment.png x200, Item Token.png x50, Item T-Doll Contract.png x10
3000 Challenger Medallion x1

Event Missions

Event missions and point rewards are listed below:

Mission Week 1 Reward Points
Accumulate 1 Day Login 10
Accumulate 2 Day Login 20
Accumulate 3 Day Login 20
Accumulate 5 Day Login 30
Accumulate 8 Day Login 30
Accumulate 10 Day Login 50
Accumulate 12 Day Login 100
Receive 10 commendations 20
Receive 30 commendations 30
Receive 50 commendations 50
Receive 100 commendations 100
Accumulate consumption of 10 T-Doll Crafting Contracts 20
Accumulate consumption of 20 T-Doll Crafting Contracts 30
Accumulate consumption of 50 T-Doll Crafting Contracts 50
Accumulate consumption of 100 T-Doll Crafting Contracts 100
Accumulate Crafting of 4 Star T-Doll x 1 20
Accumulate Crafting of 4 Star T-Doll x 5 30
Accumulate Crafting of 5 Star T-Doll x 1 50
Accumulate Crafting of 5 Star T-Doll x 5 100
Complete and win any battle 10 times (except auto battles) 20
Complete and win any battle 20 times 30
Complete and win any battle 50 times 50
Complete and win any battle 100 times 100
Obtain S rank rating in combat 10 times 10
Obtain S rank rating in combat 30 times 30
Obtain S rank rating in combat 50 times 50
Obtain S rank rating in combat 100 times 100
Mission Week 2 Reward Points
Spend 100 procurement tokens 20
Spend 200 procurement tokens 30
Spend 500 procurement tokens 150
Spend 1000 procurement tokens 200
Give away 10 gifts 10
Give away 20 gifts 20
Give away 50 gifts 30
Give away 100 gifts 50
Rescue 10 T-Dolls from battle (except auto battles) 20
Rescue 20 T-Dolls from battle 30
Rescue 50 T-Dolls from battle 50
Rescue 100 T-Dolls from battle 100
Collect 200 batteries 20
Collect 500 batteries 50
Collect 1000 batteries 100
Consume 50 calibration tickets 20
Consume 100 calibration tickets 30
Consume 300 calibration tickets 50
Consume 500 calibration tickets 100
Commence skill training 1 time (T-Doll/Fairy) 10
Commence skill training 3 times 20
Commence skill training 5 times 50
Commence skill training 10 times 100
Mission Week 3 Reward Points
Use 10 simulation energies (Including extra simulation energy) 10
Use 30 simulation energies 30
Use 50 simulation energies 30
Repair T-Dolls x10 10
Repair T-Dolls x20 20
Repair T-Dolls x30 30
Use 10 enhancement capsules 20
Use 30 enhancement capsules 30
Use 50 enhancement capsules 50
Give 10 commendations to visited dorms 20
Give 30 commendations to visited dorms 30
Give 50 commendations to visited dorms 50
Secure great success from logistics 3 times 10
Secure great success from logistics 5 times 20
Secure great success from logistics 10 times 30
Complete 100 hours of logistics 20
Complete 200 hours of logistics 30
Complete 300 hours of logistics 50

May 14th

3rd Anniversary Login Event

Promotion slide
Promotion slide

May 14th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ May 31st 23:59 GMT+8

Starting May 14th, A Login event will begin, players will be tasked with logging in daily for a neat set of rewards, logging in for 7 days consecutively, will grant players the "True Core Mask"! A one-time use exclusive item which can be redeemed for ANY 5-STAR T-DOLL FROM THE PRODUCTION MENU... or player icon for bragging rights (because why not?).

Consecutive Login Rewards:

Days Reward
Day 1 Item Calibration Ticket.png x200
Day 2 Item Battery.png x500
Day 3 Item Memory Fragment.png x300
Day 4 Item T-Doll Contract.png x10
Day 5 Item Pure Data.png x200
Day 6 Item Advanced Training Data.png x300
Day 7 True Core Mask x1

The Following T-dolls can be redeemed:

Class T-dolls
Handguns (HGs) HG PA-15Thumb button.pngPA-15 , HG Px4 StormThumb button.pngPx4 Storm , HG ContenderThumb button.pngContender , HG NZ75Thumb button.pngNZ75 , HG Welrod MkIIThumb button.pngWelrod MkII , HG CalicoThumb button.pngCalico , HG Grizzly MkVThumb button.pngGrizzly MkV 
Submachine Guns (SMGs) SMG MP7Thumb button.pngMP7 , SMG P90Thumb button.pngP90 , SMG Type 100Thumb button.pngType 100 , SMG C-MSThumb button.pngC-MS , SMG SR-3MPThumb button.pngSR-3MP , SMG Type 79Thumb button.pngType 79 , SMG SuomiThumb button.pngSuomi , SMG G36CThumb button.pngG36C , SMG VectorThumb button.pngVector , SMG ThompsonThumb button.pngThompson 
Sniper Rifles (RFs) RF QBU-88Thumb button.pngQBU-88 , RF M200Thumb button.pngM200 , RF Carcano M91∕38Thumb button.pngCarcano M91∕38 , RF Carcano M1891Thumb button.pngCarcano M1891 , RF IWS 2000Thumb button.pngIWS 2000 , RF M99Thumb button.pngM99 , RF NTW-20Thumb button.pngNTW-20 , RF Lee-EnfieldThumb button.pngLee-Enfield , RF WA2000Thumb button.pngWA2000 , RF Kar98kThumb button.pngKar98k 
Assault Rifles (ARs) AR Howa Type 64Thumb button.pngHowa Type 64 , AR K11Thumb button.pngK11 , AR MDRThumb button.pngMDR , AR AN-94Thumb button.pngAN-94 , AR AK-12Thumb button.pngAK-12 , AR Zas M21Thumb button.pngZas M21 , AR K2Thumb button.pngK2 , AR T91Thumb button.pngT91 , AR RFBThumb button.pngRFB , AR Type 97Thumb button.pngType 97 , AR Type 95Thumb button.pngType 95 , AR G11Thumb button.pngG11 , AR FALThumb button.pngFAL , AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416 , AR G41Thumb button.pngG41 
Machine Guns MG MG36Thumb button.pngMG36 , MG Type 88Thumb button.pngType 88 , MG PKPThumb button.pngPKP , MG MG4Thumb button.pngMG4 , MG NegevThumb button.pngNegev , MG MG5Thumb button.pngMG5 
Shotguns SG S.A.T.8Thumb button.pngS.A.T.8 , SG FP-6Thumb button.pngFP-6 , SG AA-12Thumb button.pngAA-12 , SG Saiga-12Thumb button.pngSaiga-12 , SG KSGThumb button.pngKSG