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April 1stEdit

Daily Discount PackageEdit

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April 1st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ April 30st 23:59 GMT+8

Package content:

  x100,   x600,   x350,   x150.

One purchase available per day

Package cost: 118  

April Monthly BundleEdit

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April 1st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ April 7th 23:59 GMT+8

For a Limited Time, the April Monthly Bundle will be available for purchase in Kalina's shop. This bundle is limited to 1 purchase only.

Package content:

  x1,   x1,   x1000, Strawberry Shortcake x10.

Packages cost: 580  

April 13thEdit


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April 13st 00:00 GMT+8 ~ May 3th 23:59 GMT+8

Starting on the 13th of April and lasting till May 3rd, A Bingo Event will be taking place, complete 9 tasks daily an obtain a Keycard for each task completed which can be then used to randomly select a tile on the bingo card, match up lines to unlock respective rewards, Match 8 lines total for the new 5* SMG SMG PM-9!

Should you end up getting a repeat number, you'll instead get 10 points, upon getting 100 points, you'll be able to redeem them for a Selective Keycard allowing you to pick a tile on the board of your choice. As the event concludes any spare keycards obtained from complete tasks will be converted to Equipment Calibration Tickets  at a 1-5 Ratio.

Below is a List of rewards and tasks players will be required to do daily, note that you'll only be able to do a max of 9 tasks daily.

Rewards for Total Lines matched:

Rewards Lines Matched
     x3000 1 Line
4 Lines
SMG PM-9 8 Lines
Challenger Medal x1
14 Lines

Rewards for Lines Matched:

Horizontal Vertical Diagonal
  x2000   x100   x100
  x500   x5   x20
  x1000   x2000
  x10   x2000
  x20   x10
  x800   x100

List of Tasks that can be done:

Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese English Translations
戰鬥勝利情況下挑戰任意普通戰役3次 战斗胜利情况下挑战任意普通战役3次 Clear 3 Normal missions
戰鬥勝利情況下挑戰任意緊急戰役2次 战斗胜利情况下挑战任意紧急战役2次 Clear 2 Emergency missions
戰鬥勝利情況下挑戰任意夜戰戰役1次 战斗胜利情况下挑战任意夜战战役1次 Clear 1 Midnight mission
戰鬥勝利情況下消滅10個裝甲機械鐵血兵 战斗胜利情况下消灭10个装甲机械铁血兵 Kill 10 Armoured Machines
戰鬥勝利情況下消滅20個普通機械鐵血兵 战斗胜利情况下消灭20个普通机械铁血兵 Kill 20 Un-armoured Machines
戰鬥勝利情況下消滅30個普通人形鐵血兵 战斗胜利情况下消灭30个普通人形铁血兵 Kill 30 Un-armoured Humanoids
戰鬥勝利情況下消滅5個BOSS 战斗胜利情况下消灭5个BOSS Kill 5 bosses
以S評價完成10場戰鬥 以S评价完成10场战斗 Win 10 battles with S-Ranks
在任意關卡或戰鬥中累計救援任意人形5個 在任意关卡或战斗中累计救援任意人形5个 Rescue 5 T-Dolls
累計消耗人力*1500(自律除外) 累计消耗人力*1500(自律除外) Consume x1500  (auto-missions do not count)
累計消耗彈藥*1500(自律除外) 累计消耗弹药*1500(自律除外) Consume x1500  (auto-missions do not count)
累計消耗口糧*1500(自律除外) 累计消耗口粮*1500(自律除外) Consume x1500  (auto-missions do not count)
累計消耗零件*500(自律除外) 累计消耗零件*500(自律除外) Consume x500  (auto-missions do not count)
累計消耗人形製造契約*4 累计消耗人形制造契约*4 Consume 4 T-doll tickets 
進行1次人形重型製造 进行1次人形重型制造 Perform 1 Heavy T-Doll Production (LSC/HP)
累計消耗裝備製造契約*4 累计消耗装备制造契约*4 Consume 4 Equipment tickets 
進行1次裝備重型製造 进行1次装备重型制造 Perform 1 Heavy Equipment Production (HEC)
累計消耗快速製造契約*4 累计消耗快速制造契约*4 Consume 4 instant crafting tickets 
累計消耗快速修復契約*4 累计消耗快速修复契约*4 Consume 4 instant repair tickets 
累計消耗電池*100 累计消耗电池*100 Consume 100 batteries 
累計消耗校準點券*30 累计消耗校准点券*30 Spend 30 calibration tickets 
累積獲得核心*3 累积获得核心*3 Acquire 3 Dummy Cores 
獲得任意手槍戰術人形*3 获得任意手枪战术人形*3 Acquire 3 HG T-Dolls
獲得任意衝鋒槍戰術人形*3 获得任意冲锋枪战术人形*3 Acquire 3 SMG T-Dolls
獲得任意突擊步槍戰術人形*3 获得任意突击步枪战术人形*3 Acquire 3 AR T-Dolls
獲得任意機槍戰術人形*3 获得任意机枪战术人形*3 Acquire 3 MG T-Dolls
獲得任意步槍戰術人形*3 获得任意步枪战术人形*3 Acquire 3 RF T-Dolls
獲得任意配件類裝備*3 获得任意配件类装备*3 Acquire 3 Weapon Accessories (Scopes, PEQ's, Silencer's)
獲得任意彈匣類裝備*3 获得任意弹匣类装备*3 Acquire 3 Ammo Types (HP, HV, AP, Buckshot, Slugs)
獲得任意人形類裝備*3 获得任意人形类装备*3 Acquire 3 Self Attachments (Armour, Exo's, Ammo boxes, Capes)
進行5次人形強化 进行5次人形强化 Perform 5 T-Doll Enhancements
進行5次裝備強化 进行5次装备强化 Perform 5 Equipment Enhancements
進行1次技能升級(人形、妖精皆可) 进行1次技能升级(人形、妖精皆可) Perform 1 skill training (T-doll or fairy)
累計進行模擬作戰2次 累计进行模拟作战2次 Run 2 simulations
任意關卡完成自律作戰1次 任意关卡完成自律作战1次 Run 1 auto-battle
在後勤支援完成的情況下累計後勤12小時 在后勤支援完成的情况下累计后勤12小时 Accumulate 12 hours of logistics time
通過後勤支援獲得快速製造契約*1 通过后勤支援获得快速制造契约*1 Acquire 1 instant craft from logistics
通過後勤支援獲得快速修復契約*1 通过后勤支援获得快速修复契约*1 Acquire 1 instant repair from logistics
通過後勤支援獲得裝備製造契約*1 通过后勤支援获得装备制造契约*1 Acquire 1 equipment ticket from logistics
通過後勤支援獲得人形製造契約*1 通过后勤支援获得人形制造契约*1 Acquire 1 t-doll ticket from logistics
累計使用3次好友的支援梯隊 累计使用3次好友的支援梯队 Call a friend support echelon 3 times
申請好友1次 申请好友1次 Send one friend request
通過聊天向好友問候1次 通过聊天向好友问候1次 Message one friend
累計從好友處獲得10次共用電池 累计从好友处获得10次共享电池 Collect friend batteries 10 times
累計點贊他人宿舍20次 累计点赞他人宿舍20次 Like 20 dorms
累計搜集20個愛心(包括戰術人形與格琳娜) 累计搜集20个爱心(包括战术人形与格琳娜) Pop 20 hearts (Heart-breaker aren't ya?)
累計獲得波板糖*1(可通過退庫2星、3星傢俱獲得) 累计获得波板糖*1(可通过退库2星、3星家具获得) Acquire 1 lollipop (scrap 2* or 3* furniture)
累計獲得脆皮甜筒*1(可通過退庫4星傢俱獲得) 累计获得脆皮甜筒*1(可通过退库4星家具获得) Acquire 1 icecream cone (scrap 4* furniture)
累計贈送禮物10份 累计赠送礼物10份 Give 10 gifts (Lolipops, Icecream, Cake, Combat Reports)

April 18thEdit

Labyrinth of the DarkEdit

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April 18st 16:00 GMT+8 ~ May 9st 10:00 GMT+8

Weary traveler, I can tell you've come a long way to find yourself here, if it is information about this place you seek, i cannot grant such, however i will say that no one should journey into the Dark alone and you're strongly recommended to request assistance with this endeavor. offer your coins  to the merchant over there and she may call upon 1 of 4 mercenaries to assist you through the Dark.

The following mercenaries you may get are as follows:

  • HG Contender - "Dragon Wolf Cub", Also known as the Crystal Prince, whom of which will fire upon her foes with magically imbued crystal bullets with careful precision and accuracy.
  • SG SPAS-12 - "Goblin Hunter", A gluttonous Vanguard this one is, known for her violent rage should she grow hungry... pray you aren't on the receiving end of her rage, for it'll be the fire of a dragon coming your way.
  • HG Tokarev - "Griffon Dancer", A mystic and graceful dancer this one is, covered in a pitch black veil, she swiftly evades her foes before striking them down with her daggers, though her daggers are the least of your worries, her gun on the other hand...
  • SMG IDW - "Cloak and Cat Ears", The cats out of the bag with this one, a petty cat burglar she is and a noisy one at that, though attention seeking is her best trait for once all eyes are on her, she is able to make the swiftest of escapes through the crowds she has made, only to leave with more trinkets then she anticipated.
  • The gates to the labyrinth shall remain open from today till May 9th at 10:00.

Should one make it out of the Dark successfully and closed the gates to it eternally, all white tickets collected throughout the labyrinth will be exchanged back to coins  at an equal value.

And so dawn comes...

And if you haven't figured it out already, this is just a live procurement pool. With how small this procurement pool is, its very likely it'll be permanently added to the Radiant Collection at a later date, so dont feel bad if you dont get the costumes now, anyway now that's out of the way, Have a nice day ya'll!

April 29thEdit

Costume Bundle: NegevEdit

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April 29st 16:00 GMT+8 ~ May 8st 23:59 GMT+8

For a limited time, MG Negev's costume "Obsidian Princess" will be available to purchase in Kalina's shop following the end of maintenance to May 8th 23:59.

Contents are as follows:

  • T-Doll costume "Obsidian Princess" - MG Negev
  •   x100,   x1
  • Price:   x2588