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Equipment Production

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Equipment Production Menu

Equipment Production can be accessed through the Factory menu. Equipment production works similarly to T-Doll Production and allows commanders to craft equipment that can boost various stats of their T-Dolls. Episode 2-6 must be completed before equipment production is unlocked.

Note: Heavy equipment crafting is unlocked after finishing 60 Missions (Include Normal/Emergency/Midnight difficult).


Craftable Equipment

Equipment Production Table
00:05:00  BM 3-12X40
00:07:00  AC1 Suppressor
00:08:00  EOT 506
00:09:00  PEQ-2
00:10:00  AMP COMPM2
00:12:00  IOP X1 Exoskeleton
00:12:00  IOP T1 Exoskeleton
00:13:00  ILM Hollow Point Ammo (2-Star)
00:14:00  BK Slug
00:14:00  #1 Buckshot
00:15:00  M61 Armor-Piercing Ammo
00:16:00  Ragged Cape
00:18:00  FMJ High-Velocity Ammo
00:20:00  LRA 2-12x50
00:22:00  AC2 Suppressor
00:23:00  EOT 512
00:24:00  PEQ-5
00:25:00  AMP COMPM4
00:26:00  Type 1 Armor Plate
00:27:00  IOP X2 Exoskeleton
00:27:00  IOP T2 Exoskeleton
00:28:00  ILM Hollow Point Ammo (3-Star)
00:29:00  FST Slug
00:29:00  #0 Buckshot
00:30:00  M993 Armor-Piercing Ammo
00:31:00  Camouflage Cape
00:33:00  JSP High-Velocity Ammo
00:35:00  PSO-1
00:37:00  AC3 Suppressor
00:38:00  EOT 516
00:39:00  PEQ-15
00:40:00  COG M150
00:41:00  Type 2 Armor Plate
00:42:00  IOP T3 Exoskeleton
00:42:00  IOP X3 Exoskeleton
00:43:00  ILM Hollow Point Ammo (4-Star)
00:44:00  WAD Slug
00:44:00  #00 Buckshot
00:45:00  VFL 6-24x56
00:45:00  Mk169 Armor-Piercing Ammo
00:46:00  Urban Camouflage Cape
00:47:00  AC4 Suppressor
00:47:00  IOP High-Capacity Ammo Box
00:48:00  EOT 518
00:48:00  JHP High-Velocity Ammo
00:49:00  PEQ-16A
00:50:00  ITI Mars
00:51:00  Type 3 Armor Plate
00:52:00  IOP X4 Exoskeleton
00:52:00  IOP T4 Exoskeleton
00:53:00  ILM Hollow Point Ammo
00:54:00  SABOT Slug
00:54:00  #000 Buckshot
00:55:00  Mk211 High-Explosive Armor-Piercing Ammo
00:56:00  Thermoptic Camouflage Cape
00:57:00  IOP Maximum Ammo Box
00:58:00  APCR High-Velocity Ammo

Below are recommended recipes for those who seek 5* Legendary equipment, note that these recipes are the literal minimal resources required for said pieces of 5* Equipment, but that doesn't mean it'll bar out other potential equipment rarities, you must understand that these recipes DO NOT GUARANTEE A 5 STAR PIECE OF EQUIPMENT on your first build and that it'll require patience and trial and error to build one. These recipes are also for those who wish to be as resource efficient as possible.

Universal 150 150 150 150
Universal without Scopes 151 151 151 151
Universal without Ammo Types 110 110 110 150
 ITI Mars
 EOT 518
 VFL 6-24x56
10 10 10 10
 PEQ-16A 50 10 100 10
 AC4 Suppressor 50 10 10 10
 APCR High-Velocity Ammo
 Mk211 High-Explosive Armor-Piercing Ammo
 ILM Hollow Point Ammo
 #000 Buckshot
10 150 10 50
 IOP X4 Exoskeleton
 IOP T4 Exoskeleton
50 10 10 50
 Type 3 Armor Plate 10 10 50 50
 IOP Maximum Ammo Box 10 10 10 150
 Thermoptic Camouflage Cape 100 10 100 10

Tactical Fairies

Additional fairy information can be found at Technical Fairies.

Fairy Production Table

Much like how LSC/HP is the primary way of obtaining SG T-doll's, HEC (Heavy Equipment Construction) will be the primary way of obtaining T-Fairies. While most of the Fairies can be obtained from the base recipe, some Fairies require much more for them to have a chance of dropping. Note that these recipes DO NOT GUARANTEE the Fairy and you still only have a general 27% chance of building a fairy from HEC. Recipes are as follows:

Technical Fairy        
  Armor Fairy
  Shield Fairy
  Provocation Fairy
  Sniper Fairy
  Bombardment Fairy
  Airstrike Fairy
  Warrior Fairy
  Fury Fairy
  Command Fairy
  Rescue Fairy
  Illumination Fairy
500 500 500 500
  Defense Fairy
  Reinforcement Fairy
  Airborne Fairy
2000 500 2000 1000
  Landmine Fairy
  Rocket Fairy
  Construction Fairy
500 2000 2000 1000

Non-craftable Equipment

Exclusive equipment

Equipment Compatible T-Doll
 Additional Process Module SMG UMP45
 Adelhyde 1 HG Jill
 Adelhyde 2 HG Jill
 Artificial Hands MG Alma
 Bren L4 Barrel Group MG Bren
 Bronson Ext HG Jill
 Colt Revolver Long Barrel HG Colt Revolver
 Dinergate-Type RO AR M4 SOPMOD II
 Fire Selector RF FN-49
 Flanergide HG Jill
 G3 Improved Barrel Group AR G3
 High Performance Tactical Hair Decoration AR G41
 Inherited Weapon Arsenal AR M4A1
 Karmotrine 1 HG Jill
 Karmotrine 2 HG Jill
 Karmotrine 3 HG Jill
 Light Weight Rail System AR ST AR-15
 M2 Bipod RF M14
 MP446C Competition Barrel HG MP-446
 Mechanical Arm SG Dana
 Prosthetic Eye RF Stella
 Pwd Delta HG Jill
 Stechkin Exclusive Stock HG Stechkin
 Ability Upgrade Cartridge SMG IDW
 Dedicated Tactical Memory MG Ameli
 Hayha Memory Chip RF Mosin-Nagant
 Titan Fire Control Chip MG M1918
 Nagant Revolver Silencer HG Nagant Revolver
 Sten Exclusive Silencer SMG Sten MkII
 Type 64 Exclusive Suppressor SMG Type 64
 FELIN System Sight AR FAMAS
 G36 Hybrid Optics AR G36
 K6-24X56 RF Mosin-Nagant
 KST1P7 AR AK-47

AR Type 56-1

 KST1P8 AR AK-47

AR Type 56-1


AR Type 56-1

 PM 5-25X56 RF Kar98k
 Black Cat HG Fail
 Glory Light HG Clear
 PKN03M Night Scope AR 9A-91
 .300BLK High-Velocity Ammo AR ST AR-15
 7.92 KURZ AR StG44
 SP-6 Subsonic Rounds AR AS Val
 GSG UX Exoskeleton SMG MP5
 UMP UX Exoskeleton SMG UMP9


 White Knight Armor HG Sei
 Blue Thickened Cape RF PTRD
 Digital Camouflage Cape RF SV-98
 National Match-Grade Armor-Piercing Ammo RF Springfield
 CT 4X20 MG M1918
 MG4 Exclusive MGO MG MG4
 MPL M21 SMG Micro Uzi
 Custom Exoskeletal Armour AR M16A1
 MIRD5-Class Ammo SMG Dorothy
 XM261 ACP HG M1911
 Infinite Ammo Box MG MG3

Non-exclusive equipment

Non-Exclusive Equipment

Construction rates

According to an official statement[1] the construction rates are as follows.

These are average chances, with different resources spent. Occurrence chances of different star levels may vary[2].

Construction type 2-Star 3-Star 4-Star 5-Star Fairy
Equipment normal construction 48.5% 30% 15% 6.5% -
Equipment heavy construction (low tier) - 40% 22% 11% 27%
Equipment heavy construction (mid tier) - 0% 45% 18% 37%
Equipment heavy construction (high tier) - 0% 27% 26% 47%