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Combat Simulation allows you to send your T-Dolls on various training missions. It requires Commander Level 12 to be unlocked.

Performing simulations does not use ammunition or rations, but spends energy. One point of energy is gained every two hours, up to a maximum of six. Should you run out, more may be bought from the store.

Combat Simulation missions are divided into four categories, each of which is available on different days of the week, except for Defense Drill, which is always available.

Reinforcement Exercises = Monday, Thursday, Sunday

Data Research = Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

Experience Training = Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Each simulation category has three missions available: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Missions of a higher level have a higher difficulty and a correspondingly higher reward.

Reinforcement Exercises

Reinforcement Exercises

Reinforcement Exercise missions provide "enhancement capsules," which may be used in the factory menu to power up your T-Dolls, in addition to other resources. Each mission involves sending one echelon down a fixed path to fight an enemy echelon (enemy types and combat efficiency depend on the mission) , passing over map nodes that drop enhancement capsules or resources along the way. Defeating the enemy echelon at the end will provide an award of more enhancement capsules.

The number of pills granted on completion increases with the level of the mission.

Data Collection

Data Collection

Data Collection missions yield training data, which is used for skill training. You may use any T-Dolls for this mission, even ones that are being repaired or are on logistics support missions.

Your team will be given thirty seconds to deal damage to a training dummy. Defeating said dummy grants training for research. However, the dummy's high HP pool means that you will want to send T-Dolls with high DPS on this mission. T-Dolls have 100% accuracy against the dummy.

Successfully killing the training dummy within the time limit will award you with training data. The faster the dummy is killed, the more the amount of training data awarded. Higher levels of this mission yield correspondingly higher levels of training data.

Experience Training

Experience Training

Experience training is identical to actual combat, with two main exceptions. T-Dolls which die in combat here will not lose affection. Additionally, there is no enemy phase.

Experience training cannot be paused once it is started.

Once it is completed, you will receive some amount of experience split evenly between all T-Dolls present in the simulation. The amount of experience given is dependent on the difficulty of the mission and on the number of enemy echelons you successfully eliminated, with a 2x bonus awarded for fully clearing the mission.

Defense Drill

Defense Drill is a survival mode, it has a fixed cost of 5 energy and you can assign up to 4 echelons. The objective is to survive for up to 109 waves, each wave will give you a certain amount of Item Calibration Ticket.png, and every 10 waves there will be a boss which rewards you a package with resources, gems, and Item Calibration Ticket.png. The rewards increase with each passing wave.

Keep in mind that progress is saved and you cannot back out of the Defense Drill (or you lose), this means that packages are a one time reward. If you lose, the next time you will start at the wave after the last boss you have beaten. Losing with one echelon means all echelons go home, be careful.

The enemy composition changes between 5 and 10 waves and gets increasingly stronger each wave. At the later stages of the Drill, you will most likely need specialized compositions to get through. There will be night battles. Once you've completed all waves, you will start at wave 101, this means that you will only be able to farm Item Calibration Ticket.png after fully completing the Drill.

Corridor of Cloud Atlas

Much like Reinforcement Exercises, this simulation is where you get "memory fragments" to remodel T-doll, in addition to other resources but with higher difficulty. Recommended to send a powerful squad to clear this.