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How to obtain

HOC Fragments can be obtained from doing Analysis, see Heavy Ordnance Corps for more information.


Resource Consumption = 500 Ammo (-20% per battle), 500 Rations (-10% per battle, -10% at the start of GnK turn phase).
Support Range = 2 Tiles

Shelling Damage (Min) = Soon
Shelling Damage (Max) = Soon

Defense Piercing (Min) = Soon
Defense Piercing (Max) = Soon

Shelling Accuracy (Min) = Soon
Shelling Accuracy (Max) = Soon

Reload Speed (Min) = Soon
Reload Speed (Max) = Soon

Chip Set Bonus

Each HOC unit has their own Chip Set which will either be Blue or Orange which will give a set bonus upon occupying all the tiles with Chips of the same color. The stat bonus's from completing a set will NOT count to the Chip Sets max stat counter.

Chip Set Color = Blue
Chip Set Tile Count = 16/22/28/32/36
Max Stats that can be given from Chips. (this may change)

  • Shelling Damage = 95/114/---/---/---
  • Defense Piercing = 165/198/---/---/---
  • Shelling Accuracy = 96/115/---/---/---
  • Reload Speed = 22/28/---/---/---

At Base Rarity, upon occupying all 16 tiles, Grant the following.

  • +40 Shelling Damage
  • +10 Shelling Accuracy

At 2Stars.png Rarity, upon occupying all 22 tiles, Grant the following.

  • +16 Defense Piercing
  • +12 Shelling Accuracy

At 3Stars.png Rarity, upon occupying all 28 tiles, Grant the following.

  • +52 Shelling Damage
  • +9 Reload Speed

At 4Stars.png Rarity, upon occupying all 32 tiles, Grant the following.

  • +20 Defense Piercing
  • +16 Shelling Accuracy

At 5Stars.png Rarity, upon occupying all 36 tiles, Grant the following.

  • +66 Shelling Damage
  • +30 Defense Piercing


Skill listed will be listed at their max levels. (for now)

Charged Missile

Every 2 shots, fires an enhanced missile (the first missile fired will also be enhanced) which deals an additional 1.8 times damage to the center and also raises own piercing ability by 60%.

Reloading Procedure

Every reload increases own reloading speed by 8%, stacking up to 8 times.

Thrill of the Hunt

Each time the a target is damaged, increases further damage against that target by 10%, stacking up to 5 times.

Weapon Background

First produced in 1970, the TOW ("Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided") is one of the most widely used anti-tank guided missiles. It can be found in a wide variety of manually carried and vehicle-mounted forms, as well as widespread use on helicopters. In 1968, a contract for full-scale production was awarded to Hughes, and by 1970 the system was being fielded by the U.S. Army. The weapon was first used during the Vietnam War to test the new anti-armor missile under combat conditions. It was also used by the Israel Defense Forces during the 1982 Lebanon War.



  • One of the first HOC units the commander will get. once a commander has unlocked access to the Research Facilities and doing Analysis for the first time, you will get an achievement which will give 5 BMG-71 Fragments which you'll be able to use to receive your first HOC unit.
  • There is no dormitory version/animation of the blonde doll (the Loader).