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| COMBINE_JP = m45お姉さま、こんなにたくさん、三つ編みしてくれますかね。
| COMBINE_JP = m45お姉さま、こんなにたくさん、三つ編みしてくれますかね。
| COMBINE_EN = M45 onee-sama, even with this much are you able to braid them all?
| COMBINE_EN = m45 onee-sama, even with this much are you able to braid them all?

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Ak 5 Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition ご機嫌よう指揮官、Ak5と申します。これからは指揮官のご指示に従い、私の全てを差し上げます。Play Greetings, Commander. I'm Ak 5. From now on, all I have to offer is for use at your discretion, Commander.
Secretary 指揮官、あたしの荷物届きましたか?……あ、ごめんなさい、つい買いすぎました……Play Commander, has my package arrived? Ah, forgive me, looks like I ordered too much.
これを着るのは結構時間がかかりますよ。でも慣れれば大丈夫です。Play It will take time to wear this one. But once you get used to it, it'll be fine.
あたしの三つ編みが気になりますか?……えっと、これは、m45お姉さまが編んでくれました。Play Are you interested in my braids? Umm... m45 onee-sama is the one who did them for me.
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, hurry up! If we're late the bargain sales at the supermarket will be over!
Commander! ...This is worth a lot of money, isn't it?! Am I really worth this much? ...It would seem that the Commander is even better at shopping than me!
Greeting ご機嫌よう指揮官。今日はどんなスケジュールですか?Play Greetings, Commander. What's on your schedule for today?
T-Doll Produced やってきましたね、ついに。Play She's finally here, at last.
Joining an echelon 失礼いたします。ここはあたしに任せてください。Play Excuse me. Please leave this position to me.
Enhancement あたしは、チョコ先輩を絶対に失望させないから。Play I definitely won't disappoint Choco-senpai.
Dummy-linking m45お姉さま、こんなにたくさん、三つ編みしてくれますかね。Play m45 onee-sama, even with this much are you able to braid them all?
Logistics (start) お買い物ですか?ぜひ、あたしに任せてください。Play Going shopping? Please leave it to me.
Logistics (end) ううん~何か、買い忘れたような気がしますね。Play Hmmm, it feels like I forgot to buy something.
Autobattle 了解。あたしの朗報を待っててくださいね。Play Roger. Please wait for some good news.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 勝利を、持ち帰って見せます!Play Let's bring this victory home!
Starting a battle 敵です!迎撃準備!Play Enemy! Commencing ambush!
Skill activation あたしを止めないでください。Play Please don't stop me.
ここで倒れなさい。Play I'll defeat you here.
こっちは割引しませんよ。Play This one is not on sale.
Heavily damaged んあっ……あたしの服が……Play Ah... my clothes are...
Retreat これ以上は…!Play Anymore than this is...!
MVP 自分へのご褒美に、何を買いましょう。Play To reward myself, I'll buy anything I want.
Restoration チョコ先輩、申し訳ありません、こんな姿を見せてしまって……Play Choco-senpai, I'm sorry for showing you this appearance...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween そんな格好酷過ぎますよ。あたし絶対に着ませんから。Play That costume is just terrible. I definitely will not wear it, ever.
Christmas クリスマスプレゼント…ただで貰えるのは嬉しいけど…なぜか自分で買うほど楽しくはないですよね…Play A Christmas present... I'm happy to get one for free. But for some reason it's not as exciting compared to when I buy it myself.
New Year's Day 新年は割引セールが沢山ありますね。周り切れないです。


There are so many bargain sales in the new year. I can't wait to go around.
Valentine's day 指揮官、こんなに沢山のチョコ食べきれれます?良かったらあたしの受け取れませんか?


Commander, are you able to eat a lot of chocolate? If it's fine with you, would you take mine as well?
Tanabata もっと大きそうこ倉庫が欲しい。指揮官、あたしの願い叶えてくれますか?


I want a bigger warehouse. Commander, will my wish be granted?