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CN: 舍弃了古老的火药推进方式,全新升级的汉阳造配备了高性能加速线圈,可以瞬间将弹丸加速至5倍音速,也太厉害了。
CN: 舍弃了古老的火药推进方式,全新升级的汉阳造配备了高性能加速线圈,可以瞬间将弹丸加速至5倍音速,也太厉害了。
EN: Ditched the old gunpowder propelled method, the new upgraded Hanyang is equipped with high performance acceleration coils, can instantly accelerate projectiles to five times the speed of sound, that's so overpowered!
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Obtained by reaching Stage 3 of Hanyang Type 88's Digimind Upgrade.
Obtained by reaching Stage 3 of Hanyang Type 88's Digimind Upgrade.

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