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|nationality=USSR<ref name="wikipedia">[[wikipedia:2B14_Podnos|Wikipedia entry on 2B14]]</ref>
|nationality=USSR<ref name="wikipedia">[[wikipedia:2B14_Podnos|Wikipedia entry on 2B14]]</ref>
|fullname=2B14 Podnos (ru. 2Б14Поднос)
|fullname=2B14 Podnos (ru. 2Б14Поднос)
|faction= [[Griffin and Kryuger]]
|faction= [[Griffin and Kryuger]]
|manufactureringame= [[WAVE]]
|manufactureringame= [[WAVE]]

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2B14 Podnos (ru. 2Б14Поднос)
Gun Information
Full name 2B14 Podnos (ru. 2Б14Поднос)
Country of origin USSR[1]
Manufacturer Nizni Novgorod Engineering Plant[1]
Game Information
Index 3
Faction Griffin and Kryuger
Manufacturer WAVE
Voice actor -TBA-
Artist Unknown
Released on CN, TW, KR

Unit introduced initially with the general Heavy Ordnance Corps feature.

How to obtain

DORMITORY Obtainable by collecting fragments in dormitory. See Heavy Ordnance Corps for more information.

REWARD Not obtained as a reward.


 Support Range
 Ammo (refill)
 Ration (refill)
3 nodes 40(x1) / 400(full) 120(x1) / 600(full)
Shelling Damage
Defense Piercing
Shelling Accuracy
Reload Speed

Ranking bonus

Promotions above five orange stars will give the HOC unit a bonus to its stats. The stats for each iteration are as follows:

Iteration Lethality Σ 51 Pierce Σ 12 Precision Σ 31 Reload Σ 33
1 ★★★★ 2 4
2 ★★★★ 3 2 4
3 ★☆★★★ 3 6
4 ★★★★★ 4 4 4
5 ★★☆★★ 5 5
6 ★★★★★ 6 9
7 ★★★☆ 7 3 6
8 ★★★★ 7 10
9 ★★★★☆ 4 5 8
10 ★★★★★ 10 6

Chip Set Bonus

The minimum stat values of all installed Chips to reach the stat cap are listed in the following table. Please see HOC Chip Matrix for further details.

Lethality Pierce Precision Reload
90.8 23.2 36 42.8






Weapon Background

The 2B14 Podnos is a Soviet 82 mm mortar. The 2B14 was designed in early 1980s as a light indirect fire weapon for the use of airborne and other light infantry forces. Despite the intent to field the 2B14 with light infantry units, the 2B14 appears to have been fielded with regular motor rifle units as well at a scale of six per battalion.[1]


  • Given the size of the mortar and the girls kneeling next to it they appear to be roughly 2 meters tall.


Skills (Temporary)

Skill listed will be listed at their max levels. (for now)

Skill 1

Every 10 seconds, carry out carpet bombing, dealing 1.8x damage to enemies within a radius of 4 units.

Skill 2

Deal an additional hit equal to 0.25x damage to unshielded enemy units.

Skill 3

Every attack that hits has a 40% chance of reducing enemy damage and accuracy by 12% for 5 seconds.