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Full name Heckler & Koch UMP9
Nationality German
Manufacturer Heckler & Koch
Voice actor Mamiko Noto

UMP9 is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.


The UMP (Universale Maschinenpistole, German for "Universal Submachine Gun") is a submachine gun developed and manufactured by Heckler & Koch. The UMP is a blowback-operated select-fire submachine gun firing from a closed bolt. It features a polymer stock that is able to be folded for compactness, a paddle-style magazine release, and a handguard that is able to accept accessories, such as vertical foregrips. The barrel is approximately 8 inches long, and there may be rails on top of the receiver to mount optics.

The UMP9 (the 9×19mm version of the UMP) is almost 0.2 kilograms (0.44 lb) lighter than its MP5 counterpart. Its predominantly polymer construction reduces both its weight and the number of parts susceptible to corrosion.

As a T-doll UMP9 can be obtained from battle loots, normal and heavy crafts.

Game Data

UMP9 chibi.png
10 26
10 76
2 14
Rate of Fire
60 87
88/88 176/176
Movement Speed
Armor Penetration
Critical Hit Rate
Clip Size
Crafting Time

Affects assault rifles
Increases accuracy by 30%
Increases rate of fire by 12%

Icon Skill Flashbomb.png


Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Acquisition UMP9,加入作战。既然是家人,就让我们一起努力吧! UMP9ただいま就任!みんなこれからは家族だ!Play UMP9, joining the battle. Since we are family, let's work hard together!
Introduction UMP冲锋枪的新款型号,就是我,UMP9了!和UMP45、40一样,是为了取代MP5而研发的新式冲锋武器。和其他姐妹不同的是,装配的是9X19毫米手枪弹,无论性能和市场销量,都是很受好评的哦,指挥官,让我们好好相处吧! New model of UMP sub machine gun, that's me, UMP9! Just like UMP45, 40, I'm developed to replace MP5. The difference between me and my sisters, is that I'm chambered for 9x19 handgun ammo. Whether it be performance or sale figures, I'm very well regarded~ Commander, let's get along~!
Secretary 指挥官!……嘻嘻♪没事,就是想叫你一下。  指揮官!…えへへ、何でもないよ~Play Commander! ...heehee♪ It's nothing, I just wanted your attention for a bit.
45姐,是你在后面吗?……唔……还是指挥官呢? 45姉、いる?あ…指揮官か。Play 45 sis, is that you behind me? ...oooh ...or is it Commander?
干什么呀,指挥官!我不是你想象中的那种人!……至少,现在还不是……" 何するんですか指揮官!まだそういう関係じゃないでしょう。Play What are you doing, Commander? I'm not the kind of person you're thinking of! least, right now, I'm not...
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander are you leaving right now? As your family, should I give you a "Goodbye kiss"? You expected it just now didn't you! I can see it in your eyes!
This warm feeling... So this is what "Hug" is? Commander it seems like, our relationship progressed even further... Now we are truly a family... Thank you...
Greeting 早啊,指挥官。今天有什么安排,要早点和我说哦。 おはよう指揮官!今日も何かあったら言ってよね。Play Good morning Commander. Please inform me of today's plan at your earliest convenience.
T-Doll Produced 新同伴……是谁呢?偷偷告诉我吧? 新しい仲間…誰だろう…。Play New comrade...? Who might it be...
Joining an echelon UMP9,加入作战。既然是家人,就让我们一起努力吧! UMP9、作戦に入ります。一緒に頑張りましょう!Play UMP9, ready for combat. Since we're family now, let's look out for each other!
Enhancement 啊,给我的?指挥官,你对我真好! わたしに?ありがとう指揮官!Play Oh, for me? Commander you treat me with such care!
Dummy-linking 扩编完成!指挥官,你今后要更辛苦了哦! 編成拡大(へんせいかくだい)~もっと働くぞ~。Play Expansion complete! Commander you'll have more to deal with from now~!
Logistics (start) 好!向新的世界,出发! よしっ!新しい世界へ、出発!Play Right! Towards the new world! Let's go!
Logistics (end) 我们回来啦,指挥官,说好的点心呢? あら、約束のおやつは?Play We're back Commander, where are the deserts?
Autobattle 支援小队抵达!大家要撑住啊! 支援隊到着!もうちょっとふんばって!Play Supports on their way! Everyone hold on!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Starting a combat mission 只要是您的任务,我就一定会做到! 任務を必ず遂行します!Play The mission will be accomplished!
Starting a battle 要开始了,45姐,祝福我吧!(???) 指示を!Play By your commands!
Skill activation 再见了,丑八怪! さようなら。Play Bye bye!
恶心的家伙,消失吧! 消えちまえ!Play Disappear already!
碍事的东西,别妨碍我的任务! わたしの任務を邪魔しないで!Play Get out of my way, I have a task to do!
Heavily damaged 这……这该怎么办,指挥官,不要看啊! ど…どうしよう!指揮官見ないで!Play Wh...How did it end up like this! Commander...!
Retreat 呜……对不起,指挥官,我们……我们这就回去…… うううぅ…ごめんなさい指揮官…いま帰ります…。Play Wuuhh... Sorry Commander, We... We're returning now...
MVP 任务成功!嘻嘻♪指挥官,你要怎么奖励我呢? 任務成功!えへへ~指揮官、どんなご褒美をくれるの?Play Missions accomplished! Hehe, What kind of rewards awaits me Commander?
Restoration 指挥官……你的肩膀……请借我一下…… 指揮官…肩…貸してくれる?Play Commander... Please... Lend me your shoulder for a moment...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Halloween 变装之夜到了,要和45姐集合呢……啊?!……45姐,是你吗……别,别吓我啊! Play Night of transformation is here, time to meet up with 45... Ahh?! ...45, is that you... Don.. Don't scare me like this!
Christmas Play
New Year's Day


Valentine's day 指挥官,今天收到的巧克力,是不是有点多呢?……所以,再多一份也不要紧吧,嘿嘿♪ 指揮官、今日もらったチョコ多すぎないですか?……だから、もう一つもらってもいいんじゃない、えへへ♪


Commander, you received so much chocolate today, isn't it too much?…… That's why, a little more won't hurt right? hehe♪



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