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Full name Heckler & Koch UMP45
Nationality German
Manufacturer Heckler & Koch
Voice actor Tomomi Uchimine

UMP45 is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.


The UMP (Universale Maschinenpistole, German for "Universal Submachine Gun") is a submachine gun developed and manufactured by Heckler & Koch. The UMP is a blowback-operated select-fire submachine gun firing from a closed bolt. It features a polymer stock that is able to be folded for compactness, a paddle-style magazine release, and a handguard that is able to accept accessories, such as vertical foregrips. The barrel is approximately 8 inches long, and there may be rails on top of the receiver to mount optics.

As originally designed, the UMP is chambered for larger cartridges (.45 ACP and .40 S&W) than other submachine guns like the MP5, to provide more stopping power against unarmored targets (with slightly lower effectiveness at longer range) than the MP5 (largely offered in 9×19mm, albeit with short-lived production of 10mm Auto and .40 S&W variants). A larger cartridge produces more recoil, and makes control more difficult in fully automatic firing. To mitigate this, the cyclic rate of fire was reduced to 600 rounds/min, which makes it one of the slower firing submachine guns on the market.

Game Data

UMP45 chibi.png
11 28
10 74
2 13
Rate of Fire
57 82
93/93 185/185
Movement Speed
Armor Penetration
Critical Hit Rate
Clip Size
Crafting Time

Affects assault rifles
Increases damage by 18%
Increases critical hit rate by 30%

Smoke Grenade


Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Acquisition UMP45,来了哦。指挥官,你是想和我好好相处的,对吗♪ UMP45が来ました。指揮官、仲良くやりましょう~。Play UMP45 is here. Commander, you want to get along with me, right♪
Introduction 随着前线战争减少,特种作战与日俱增,我,UMP45,全称为“.45口径通用冲锋枪”便随之诞生了。性能出色,连发后坐力小,易于分解,很适合特种部队和特警队使用,前提是真的想保住人质的时候,哼哼……
Secretary 指挥官,你知道我在等什么吧? 待ってたよ指揮官。Play Commander, you know what I'm waiting for, right?
有“9”在的话,就不需要我提供什么了,对吗? 「9」がいればもう十分でしょ?Play If "9" is here, then you won't need anything from me, right?
好吧,请对我温柔一点,这对您的鼻子有好处哦,嘻嘻♪ やさしくしてね指揮官~。Play All right then, please be a bit gentler with me, it'll be good for your nose, hehe♪
Secretary (post OATH)
Did I go out for long? Missed me? Then can't you make a more honest expression...... That's right, it's because of this silly expression that I can relax, hehe......
Knowing I'm like this, you still want to accept me? Want to change me? Don't be delusional. Being with me, you had better worry about the future, haha♪
Greeting Play
T-Doll Produced Play
Joining an echelon Play
Enhancement Play
Dummy-linking Play
Logistics (start) Play
Logistics (end) Play
Autobattle Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Starting a combat mission Play
Starting a battle Play
Skill activation Play
Heavily damaged Play
Retreat Play
MVP Play
Restoration Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Halloween 万圣节到了,指挥官喜欢这节日吗?……我?不算讨厌吧,毕竟很“热闹”呢。 Play Halloween is here, Does Commander like this festival? ……Me? I don't hate it, after all, it's "lively".
Christmas Play
New Year's Day


Valentine's day 指挥官,这是我做的巧克力。当然了,我给大家也准备了……我干得还不错吧? 指揮官、これ、私からのチョコレート。もちろん、ちゃんとみんなにも作って来たんだから、やるでしょ?


Commander, this is the chocolate I made. Of course, I have also prepared enough for everybody…… not bad right?



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