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Type 9213 
Full name Type 92 Handgun
Nationality People's Republic of China
Manufacturer Changfeng Machine Shop
Artist 莲子
Voice actor Mimori Suzuko

Type 92 is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.


The QSZ-92 Services Pistol (Chinese: 92式手枪; pinyin: Jiǔ Èr Shí Shoǔqiàng or Jiǔ Shí Èr Shi Shoǔqiàng; literally: "Type 92 Handgun") is a semi-automatic pistol designed by Norinco.

The development of the QSZ-92 pistol began circa 1994 and it is now being adopted by the People's Liberation Army forces. The export variants (9mm version) include the CF-98 (barrel life c. 8000 rds) and the NP-42 (barrel life c. 10,000 rds). The latter is the basic version without provisions for suppressor etc. which has so far found commercial export in Canada.

The QSZ-92 is in limited service in the People's Liberation Army since the late 1990s, notably in People's Liberation Army Macau Garrison. The Chinese military has adopted the 9mm version over the 5.8mm one.

as the 9mm version is issued to soldiers while the 5.8mm is adopted by the commanders. QSZ-92 or CF 98 has been in the service of some Southern Asian armed forces outside the PRC.

Game Data

Type 92 chibi.png
12 31
11 80
6 46
Rate of Fire
42 61
32/32 63/63
Movement Speed
Crafting Time

Affects all guns
Increases accuracy by 35%
Increases evasion by 25%

Assault Command


Event Chinese Japanese English
Acquisition 92式,报到!那么,我该去哪里? Type 92, report! So, where should I go?
Introduction 国产92式手枪,为了代替54式手枪而开始研制,首先完成的9mm口径的定型,在两年后,完成了5.8mm口径的定型。外形上最直观的区别就是,9mm手枪上有个五角星团,而5.8mm是没有的,指挥官,注意到我是哪一个了吗? Chinese-made Type 92 pistol, design for replacement of Type 54 pistol. Developed first in 9mm caliber with a 5.8mm caliber type finished two years later. The biggest appearance difference is, 9mm Cal type has 5 stars on but 5.8mm Cal type doesn't. Do you know which one I am, Commander?
Secretary 长官,之后该去哪里?要计算物资吗? Commander, where shall we go in the future? Shall we calculate what supplies we'll need?
命令?长官,您说过吗?……没说过吗? Orders? Commander, have you given them already? ...you haven't?
虽然很不好意思,但乱碰的话,可能随时会走火的哦,长——官——? Though it's embarrassing to admit, if you randomly touch me, I might get angry you know, Co- man- der?
Secretary (post OATH)
We're under our budget limit this month, good job, Commander. You may want to take a closer look next time you visit the treasury.
Commander, what exactly do you see in me? Could I have a chance to fix it? I'm just joking, but I'll be in charge of the finances from now on, so get used to it!
Halloween 今晚啊……准备糖果太麻烦了,去谁那里要一点吧……嗯,就找她好啦。



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