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Full name 7.62 mm Tokarev self-loading pistol
Nationality Russian
Manufacturer Tula Arsenal, Izhevsk Arsenal, Norinco, Femaru, FB „Radom”, Cugir Arsenal, Zastava Arms, FÉG
Artist 废人
Voice actor TBA

Tokarev is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.


The TT-30 (Russian: 7,62-мм самозарядный пистолет Токарева образца 1930 года, 7,62 mm Samozaryadnyj Pistolet Tokareva obraztsa 1930 goda, "7.62 mm Tokarev self-loading pistol model 1930") is a Russian semi-automatic pistol. It was developed in the early 1930s by Fedor Tokarev as a service pistol for the Soviet military to replace the Nagant M1895 revolver that had been in use since Tsarist times, though it ended up being used in conjunction with rather than replacing the M1895. It served until 1952, when it was replaced by the Makarov pistol.

In 1930, the Revolutionary Military Council approved a resolution to test new small arms to replace its aging Nagant M1895 revolvers. During these tests, on 7 January 1931, the potential of a pistol designed by Fedor Tokarev was noted. A few weeks later, 1,000 TT-30s were ordered for troop trials, and the pistol was adopted for service in the Red Army.

But even as the TT-30 was being put into production, design changes were made to simplify manufacturing. Minor changes to the barrel, disconnector, trigger and frame were implemented, the most notable ones being the omission of the removable backstrap and changes to the full-circumference locking lugs. This redesigned pistol was the TT-33. Most TT-33s were issued to officers. The TT-33 was widely used by Soviet troops during World War II, but did not completely replace the Nagant.

Game Data

Tokarev chibi.png
12 31
10 66
7 47
Rate of Fire
36 52
48/48 86/86
Movement Speed
Crafting Time

Affects all guns
Increases rate of fire by 12%
Increases accuracy by 50%

Cover Command


Event Chinese Japanese English
Acquisition 您就是我的指挥官吗?今后请您多多照顾了。 あ、指揮官、よろしくお願いしますね。


Introduction 为了接替纳甘小姐完成战斗使命,TT-33由托卡列夫同志研制完成,并成为本国军方的防身武器。在日后的卫国战争中,我很荣幸地成为官兵们的战友,并见证了无数牺牲和胜利……感谢您给我的机会,我会继续保护好大家的。
Secretary 指挥官,听好,作为绅士是不能随便乱摸别人的。 指揮官、ちょっとよろしいですか?紳士たるもの、ボディータッチは謹んでください。


Commander, listen up, as a gentleman, you can't randomly touch other people.
真是……不守规矩呢…… 鼻の下、伸びてますよ?


Really... You don't follow the rules...
指挥官,还是请您专心工作吧。 指揮官、仕事に集中してください。


Commander, I must ask that you focus on your work.
Secretary (post OATH)
If you're unwilling to rest well tonight, I wont leave. Since I've promised you,I'll take responsible for you to the end.


Halloween 倒不是害怕妖怪什么的……指挥官,今天能陪在我身边吗?






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