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Full name Thompson M1928 Submachine Gun[1]
Chinese name 汤姆森
Nationality American[1]
Manufacturer Auto-Ordnance Company (originally), The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited, Colt, Savage Arms, RPB Industries[1]
Artist NS
Voice actor Risa Taneda

Thompson is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.


The Thompson submachine gun is an American submachine gun that became infamous during the Prohibition era. It was a common sight of the time, being used overwhelmingly by both law enforcement officers and criminals. The Thompson was also known as the "Tommy Gun", "Chopper", "Chicago Organ Grinder", "Trench Broom", "Trench Sweeper", "Chicago Typewriter" and "Chicago Piano". The Thompson was favored by soldiers and civilians alike for its compactness, ergonomics, large .45 ACP bullet, and high volume of automatic fire.[1]

Game Data

Chibi image
119(x1)238(x1) / 1190(x5)
25(x1) / 85(x5) 20(x1) / 60(x5)
12 31
8 54
2 12
Rate of Fire
 Rate of Fire
57 81
Movement Speed
 Move Speed
Critical Hit Rate
 Crit. Rate
Critical Hit Damage
 Crit. Damage
Armor Penetration
 Armor Pen.
Icon slot Accessory.png Icon Telescopic Sight S 2star.png Icon Holographic Sight S 2star.png
Icon Red Dot Sight S 2star.png Icon Night Combat Equipment S 2star.png
Icon Silencer S 2star.png
Icon slot Magazine.png Icon Armor-Piercing Ammo S 2star.png Icon Status Ammo S 2star.png
Icon Shotgun Ammo S 2star.png
Icon High-Velocity Ammo S 2star.png
Icon slot Doll.png Icon Microchip S 2star.png Icon Exoskeleton S 2star.png
Icon Ballistic Plate S 2star.png Icon Camo Cape S 2star.png
Icon Ammo Box S 2star.png
Affects assault rifles
Increases damage by 12%
Increases evasion by 15%


Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Acquisition 你就是新BOSS吗?芝加哥打字机,请多指教了。 あんたが新しいボスか、シカゴタイプライターだ、よろしく!Play You are the new Boss, Chicago typewriter, Good to see ya!
Introduction 为了满足世界战争中的近距离作战,本国研制了全新的自动武器,经过改进后,由我M1928A1接下了作战任务。从战场上退役后,由于火力和隐蔽性的优势,我在本国的帮派中有了用武之地。那么BOSS,今后请多指教喽。 To fulfil the desires of close quarter combat in the world, the country developed many brand new automatic weapon, after several improvements, I M1928A1 will be the one carrying out this mission. After retiring from the battlefield, the street gangs realised the values of my fire power and easy disguise. So then BOSS, will be counting on you from now.
Secretary 老板!没听说过还可以动手的! ボスが、ボディたちがあるなんて闻いたことないぞ。Play Boss! Who gave you permission to do that?
这是个没有警察的世界啊。太棒了,可以爽快的大干一场了! サツがいない世界だね。よ~し、これで気持ちよく暴れられるぞ!Play A world without cops? That would be great! I'd be free to raise hell!
对我来说,能和弟兄们在一起就足够了。 仲间と一绪にいられるだけで、私は十分だ。Play As long as I can be with my comrades, I'm satisfied.
Secretary (post OATH)
Boss, want some music for the break? Same old... Then same tune from the other night?
Commander, calling me to someplace like this, we having street fights next? What?! ...Well, I mean, I don't dislike you... For the future of the gang, maybe this decision ain't so bad.
Greeting 老板,你总算回来了。 ボス、やっと帰ってきたか。Play You're finally back Boss.
T-Doll Produced 哎呀,好像来了新的马仔。 ヤ~ン。新しい仲間が来たようだ。Play Looks like we got ourselves a new gangster
Joining an echelon 这次的对手是哪个帮派啊? 今度の相手は一体どこのギャングだ?Play Which gang we fighting today then?
Enhancement 既然是老板的好意,我就不客气地收下了。 ボスの好意なら、ありがたく頂戴するぜ。Play Since it's from the boss, then I shall accept it without gratitude.
Dummy-linking 队伍又变大了吗,美得很美得很。 チームはまだ大きくなったのか、いいぞいいぞ。Play Squad's gotten bigger, very nice.
Logistics (start) 联络任务就交给我吧。 連絡の任務なら任せておけ。Play Leave the communication missions for me.
Logistics (end) 我回来了,人质谈判也挺成功的......逗你玩呢。 戻ったぞ、人質の取引も成功した……冗談だよ。Play I'm back, even got a hostage... Just kidding.
Autobattle 来打扫残局了,都让开。 後片付けだ。退け退け。Play We're here for the mopping up, out the way.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Starting a combat mission 走吧,去大闹一场。 行こう、大揚張しよぜ。Play Let's go, make it a blast.
Starting a battle 敌人出来了,干掉他们! 出てきたな。奴らを殲滅するぞ。Play Enemies are here, take them out!
Skill activation 一口气全解决掉吧。 一気に方付けてやるか。Play Finish them in one go.
全部消灭,不留活口! 殲滅するぞ、誰一人として生かしておくな。Play Get them all! No survivors!
给我好好记着,是谁把你打倒的。 お前を倒すのは誰か、よーく覚えでおくだな。Play Remember well, who defeated you.
Heavily damaged 你丫的,把我给惹毛了。我要发飙了! お前ら、私を怒らせた。箍がつくぞ。Play You bastards, now you've gone and made me mad!
Retreat 真是太遗憾了。 本当に残念だ。Play That's just disappointing.
MVP 没错,就是这种快感,爽爆了啊。 そう、この快感がたまらねだよ。Play Yes, this just feels awesome.
Restoration 算了,叫几个小弟来也不是什么坏事。 チッ…また手下を何か呼んできたも良さそうだ。Play Whatever, calling over a couple of our girls here ain't a bad thing

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Halloween 老板,既然是万圣节,那就要给小孩子糖果吧! ボス、ハロウインだから、子供たちにお菓子を分けでもいいよなぁ?Play Boss, since it's Halloween, we gotta give the kid candies!
Christmas Play
New Year's Day


Valentine's day



  • Her attire was based on 30's gangster style.
  • There's an advertisement poster of Thompson, claimed as 'Anti-Bandit Gun' and 'Sold only to those on side of law and order' which ironically was popular and finally fallen in the hand of organised criminals and gangsters.[2]
  • Despite the Thompson was associated with outlaws and gangsters in prohibition era, not all of the criminals can afford M1928; it costs $200 with single 20-rounds magazine, where it was extremely overpriced for average thug.
  • So far, Thompson is ONLY the 5* SMG that can be obtained by insert a base amount of resources(30 points).
  • While Thompson was overshadowed by low evasion rate for 5* t-dolls, she's very useful to be put in frontline thanks for the biggest HP value among SMGs and active skills.


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