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Full name Heckler & Koch P7[1]
Nationality German[1]
Manufacturer Heckler & Koch[2]
Artist Saru
Voice actor Kurosawa Tomoyo[3]

P7 is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.


The P7 is a German 9×19mm semi-automatic pistol designed by Helmut Weldle and produced by Heckler & Koch GmbH (H&K) of Oberndorf am Neckar. It was revealed to the public for the first time in 1976 as the PSP (Polizei-Selbstlade-Pistole—"police self-loading pistol").

The decision to equip West German police with an advanced 9mm service pistol and replace existing 7.65mm Browning-caliber weapons was prompted after the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre. The new firearm was to meet the following requirements: chamber the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge, weigh no more than 1,000 g (35 oz), the pistol's dimensions would not exceed 180 × 130 × 34 mm, it should have a muzzle energy of no less than 500 J and a service life of at least 10,000-rounds. The pistol was also to be fully ambidextrous, safe to carry with a loaded chamber and able to be quickly drawn and ready to fire instantly.

Series production of the P7 started in 1979. Shortly after, the pistol was adopted by the German Federal Police's counter-terrorism unit (GSG 9) and the German Army's special forces formations[1].

Game Data

P7 chibi.png
12 32
11 83
8 62
Rate of Fire
43 62
32/32 63/63
Movement Speed
Armor Penetration
Critical Hit Rate
Clip Size
Crafting Time

Affects all guns
Increases evasion by
12%(x1) / 15%(x2) / 18%(x3) / 21%(x4) / 24%(x5)
Increases rate of fire by
10%(x1) / 13%(x2) / 15%(x3) / 18%(x4) / 20%(x5)

Cover Command T


Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Acquisition 万众期待的P7,正式加入啦!看着我充满诚意的笑容,诸位,我们好好相处吧! Play At last, P7 has officially joined her friends! Look at me smile, sir, we'll get along fine!
Introduction 怎么,指挥官,现在才对我有兴趣嘛?太迟啦。您要知道,在设计阶段,我可是经历过不小的波折呢。不过作为追求极致的结果,我的优点也是数之不尽啊。指挥官,从此刻开始,快好好珍惜我吧。 What, Commander, its taken you this long to ask about me? You know, during the design phase, I experienced a lot of ups and downs. But in the pursuit of perfection, I've found that I have many advantages. From now on, Commander, please take good care of me.
Secretary 无论怎么捉弄您都不会生气呢,指挥官果然最好啦! Play No matter how much you get teased, you don't get angry. Commander, you really are the best!
指挥官,接下来想看谁出糗呢?乐意效劳哦。 Play Commander, who shall we tease next? Oh, how fun!
别闲着嘛,指挥官,来帮我选方案啦。……什么方案?当然是捉弄人的方案啦。 Play Don't just stand there, Commander, help me plan my next project. ...What project? The one where we prank somebody, of course.
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, I've finished booby-trapping the doorway, please enjoy! Before anything else, you are mine! Heroism or whatever, don't even think about it!
Ah, so you finally fell into the palm of my hand after all. Don't worry Commander, I'm serious as well, after all, we've known each other all these years...it hasn't been that long? Then rest assured, we'll know each other for even longer, haha.
Greeting Play
T-Doll Produced Play
Joining an echelon Play
Enhancement Play
Dummy-linking Play
Logistics (start) Play
Logistics (end) Play
Autobattle Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Starting a combat mission Play
Starting a battle Play
Skill activation Play
Heavily damaged Play
Retreat Play
MVP Play
Restoration Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Halloween 不给糖果不捣蛋!嘿嘿,我今晚可是收到了很多糖果呢,为什么?当然是因为可爱啦! Play
Christmas Play
New Year's Day


Valentine's day




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