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Full name Mosin-Nagant M1891/30[1]
Nationality Soviet Union[1]
Manufacturer Tula, Izhevsk, Sestroryetsk, Manufacture Nationale d'Armes de Châtellerault, Remington, New England Westinghouse, many others[1]
Artist 防弾乳牛
Voice actor Sumire Uesaka

Mosin-Nagant is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.


The Mosin-Nagant is a Russian bolt-action, magazine fed rifle. It is most commonly chambered in the 7.62x54mmR cartridge, which was designed alongside the rifle. The Mosin-Nagant has been in service from 1892-1998 with about 37,000,000 being produced. It was made famous for its use by the USSR in World War II. It has seen action in wars such as the Russo-Japanese war all the way to the Vietnam War and has been used by nations all over the world including Russia, China, Finland, Hungary, Poland and almost every nation that received aid from the Soviet Union. Many nations have also produced their own copies of the Mosin-Nagant. The Mosin-Nagant remains popular in both combat and collector's markets. Many are still found in use by insurgents in the current Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Due to the large number of rifles produced, the Mosin-Nagant is also a very common (and inexpensive) collector's rifle, with many still available on the surplus market. Also used by hunters and sportsmen, aftermarket products are available for their purposes. It is also considered to be the most widely used sniper rifle. Sniper conversions were mostly made from M1930 and onward. They were rifles handpicked for accuracy during factory testing and pre-sighting; they were then modified with a down-turned bolt handle and optical sights.[1]

Judging from the iron bar at the center of barrel band , flat rear sight adjuster and the taller globe front sight of the rifle she carried, it was Mosin-Nagant M91/30. The Mosin-Nagant M91/30 were called by gun collector as "Ex-Dragoon", because the old Cossack and Dragoon Mosin Rifle was converted and modernised with new sights, handguard, barrel bands, and restamped rear sight in metres instead of standard Russian measurement(Arshinii).[2] One thing to notice, she was carried a sniper version, based from the bolt of the rifle was the bend version of bolt handle in Mosin-Nagant rifle instead of early straight bolt handle. This gives a more space between scope and bolt handle without damaging the scope itself, and as the drawback, operator forced to insert each bullet instead of stripper clip when the scope attached on.

During Russian Revolution in 1917, russian partisan shorten the length of Mosin rifle by cutting off its buttstock and barrel in order to deliver maximum firepower in short-range and ability to conceal its weapon although sacrificing the accuracy and mostly, effective range. Thus it called 'Obrez' by partisans or Sawed-off Mosin. During the Russo-Japanese War, several Arisaka(Type 38 Rifle) was re-tooled to be an Obrez rifle just like the Mosin-Nagant Rifle does by Red Army[3].

Mosin-Nagant Rifle was Re-manufactured in 2000 in order of Central Design Bureau for Sporting and Hunting Arms of Tula(TsKIB SOO) as OTs-48 and OTs-48K. OTs-48K uses the same barrel and receiver of earlier Mosin-Nagant rifle, while the feeding system were changed into bullpup-bolt-action by installing the new bullpup stock of Mosin-Nagant. This includes a redesigned of folded front and rear sight, and an addition of side rail to adapt Russian scope mounting standard. So far, OTs-48K ownership was limited for Russian Law Enforcement Agency only.[4] Several modifications of Mosin-Nagant Rifle include trench-type detachable magazine that fed up to 20 bullet instead of 5-bullet stripper clip, by releasing the original magazine buttplate and insert the fresh magazine. A trench-type detachable magazine was intended for defensive purpose and improves ability to volley fire[5]. Several gun parts manufacturer, most notably Texas-Based company Howling Raven produced 10-round detachable magazine[6].

The Dyakonov Grenade Launcher Device(ружейный гранатомёт Дьяконова), was entered service in 1928 by Lt. Mikhail Dyakonov for Mosin Rifle. The design itself is similar with Schiessbecher, and using 40,6mm grenade projectile. Dyakonov Grenade Launcher Device were used by Red Army until 1942, and re-entered in service. Interestingly, instead using a blank cartridge like many grenade launcher does, Dyakonov Grenade Launcher can launch the grenade projectile with live cartridge, while for VKG-40 Anti-Tank Grenade uses special blank cartridge.[7]

Another experimental grenade launcher for Mosin-Nagant Rifle, Kulakov Launcher Device were fielded in firing test during WWII. The Kulakov Launcher Device added the recoil pad, pistol grip and can hold up to 5 grenade projectiles. However, the Kulakov Launcher Device never entered service because of maintenance complexity, hard to manufacture and to be manipulated, and mostly; cumbersome weight of the device itself: 15kg unloaded.[8]

Mosin-Nagant Rifle was the most produced rifle with approx. 37.000.000 and entered the service during eastern front, while the Soviet Army lost their men with the body count in WWII over 9.000.000. Nonetheless, Mosin-Nagant considered as the most used weapon among former communist countries and has a longest service time(was used by pro-Russian at war in Donbass) ever.

Game Data

Mosin-Nagant chibi.png
45 132
5 38
10 85
Rate of Fire
20 30
44/44 88/88
Movement Speed
Armor Penetration
Critical Hit Rate
Clip Size
Crafting Time

Affects handguns
Reduces skill cooldown by 15%

Designated Shot


Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Acquisition 指挥官同志,хорошо! 同志、ハラショーPlay
Introduction 在某次武器测试中,委员会同时采纳了两国设计师的方案并加以折衷,而这款“莫辛-纳甘”,正是以这两位设计师的名字共同命名。而我现在获得了机会,再次为夺回大家的和平而战。感谢您,指挥官,请期待我的表现吧。
Secretary 哎呀,怎么了? あら、どうしたの?Play
肚子饿了呢。没什么吃的吗? お腹すいたわ、何か食べ物はないのかしら。Play
嘻嘻,对我有兴趣吗? うふふ、私に興味あるの?Play
Secretary (post OATH)
Greeting Play
T-Doll Produced Play
Joining an echelon Play
Enhancement Play
Dummy-linking Play
Logistics (start) Play
Logistics (end) Play
Autobattle Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Starting a combat mission Play
Starting a battle Play
Skill activation Play
Heavily damaged Play
Retreat Play
MVP Play
Restoration Play

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Halloween 纳甘M1895又不知道躲哪去了。就算是万圣节我也不想把帽子脱下来啊……真是的。 ナガンM1895ちゃん、またどっかに消えちゃったね、ハロウインでも帽子を取りたくないなんで、困ったものね。Play
Christmas Play
New Year's Day


Valentine's day



  • Simo Hayha, known as the 'White Death' scored the most highest sniper kill of 505 Russian Red Army by using shortened version of Finnish-Manufactured Mosin Rifle, M/28-30 Rifle, called 'Pystykorva' or Spitz. The Pystykorva Rifle itself was a mainstay weapon for Civil Guard of Finland, or known as White Guard. Hayha himself preffered standard ironsight over attaching scope, as it means he would likely blow up his cover if the sunlight reflected the scope lens.
  • In Winter War and Eastern Front, Soviet army often mix gun oil and gasoline in order to keep its component from freezing solid.[9]
  • Cheerful and easy-going.[10]
  • Хорошо!


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