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Full name M21 Sniper Weapon System
Nationality American
Manufacturer Rock Island Arsenal, Springfield Armory
Voice actor Kitamura Eri

M21 is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.


The M21 Sniper Weapon System (SWS) is the semi-automatic sniper rifle adaptation of the M14 rifle. It is chambered for the 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge.

The United States Army wanted an accurate sniper rifle during the Vietnam War. The M14 was selected because of its accuracy, reliability, and the ability for a quick follow up shot. As a result, in 1969, the Rock Island Arsenal converted 1,435 National Match (target grade) M14s by adding a Redfield ART Adjustable Ranging Telescope 3–9× and providing National Match grade ammunition (7.62 Lake City Long Range XM-118).

This version, called the XM21, had a specially selected walnut stock and was first fielded in the second half of 1969. An improved version with a fiberglass stock was designated the M21 in 1975. The M21 remained the Army's primary sniper rifle until 1988, when it was replaced by the M24 Sniper Weapon System; some M21s were later re-issued and used in the Iraq War.

In standard military use, the M21 uses a 20-round box magazine as the other members of the M14 family and weighs 11 pounds (5.27 kg) without the scope. The U.S. military never officially authorized or purchased magazines in any other capacity, although 5- and 10-round magazines are available.

Game Data

M21 chibi.png
47 118
4 27
10 74
Rate of Fire
24 35
47/47 93/93
Movement Speed
Crafting Time
Drop only

Affects handguns
Increases skill activation chance by 20%

Interdiction Shot


Event Chinese Japanese English
Acquisition Hello!M21报到!我们……啊不,我真的是狙击武器啊!不过,性格活跃点也没问题吧?


Introduction M21狙击步枪,在M14步枪的基础上加以改进,作为真正的狙击武器被正式定型。不过在那之前,我就获得过出色战绩哦,甚至不少人认为是运用了激光制导的缘故。先说好,这可是真正的无声狙击战术啊。
Secretary 什么事,指挥官,要我……讲个笑话给你听嘛?


What's the matter, Commander? Do you want me to... tell you a joke?


As for me... I like busy environments after all.


Ugh, you really haven't changed a bit, have you? Although, it's only because you're like this that you've been able to lead us all this time.
Secretary (post OATH)


Halloween 万圣节吗?我…其实不太擅长啊,毕竟恶作剧,和我的笑话还是差别挺大的吧?


Christmas 圣诞快乐,指挥官!虽然被邀请去狩猎圣诞老人,不过我还是呆在家里比较暖和呢!


Merry Christmas, commander ! Even though I was invited to hunt for Santa, I thinK I'll stay at home and keep warm.


M21 drops only at 4-6 and 4-4E boss


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