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Full name M1911
Nationality American[1]
Manufacturer Colt Manufacturing Company, Springfield Armory [1]
Artist Spirtie
Voice actor Eriko Matsui[2]

M1911 is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.


The M1911 is a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, recoil-operated pistol chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. It served as the standard-issue sidearm for the United States Armed Forces from 1911 to 1986. It was first used in later stages of the Philippine–American War, and was widely used in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Designed by John Browning, the M1911 is the best-known of his designs to use the short recoil principle in its basic design. The pistol was widely copied, and this operating system rose to become the preeminent type of the 20th century and of nearly all modern centerfire pistols. The M1911 was replaced by the 9mm Beretta M9 pistol as the standard U.S. sidearm in October 1986, but due to its popularity among users, it has not been completely phased out. Modernized derivative variants of the M1911 are still in use by some units of the U.S. Army Special Forces, the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps.[1]

Game Data

M1911 chibi.png
10 27
9 74
6 50
Rate of Fire
38 57
37/37 73/73
Movement Speed
Armor Penetration
Critical Hit Rate
Clip Size
Crafting Time

Affects all weapons
Increases rate of fire by
10%(x1) / 13%(x2) / 15%(x3) / 18%(x4) / 20%(x5)
Increases accuracy by
25%(x1) / 32%(x2) / 38%(x3) / 44%(x4) / 50%(x5)

Smoke Grenade


Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Acquisition 真是命运的邂逅呢,指挥官,没想到会在这儿遇到您。 運命的な出会いですね、また指揮官様に逢えるなんて…Play What a fateful encounter, I never expect to meet you here commander.
Introduction 为了阻挡更顽强的敌人,本国着手研制新的制式手枪,在史无前例的严苛选拔中,我有幸成为了优胜者,并获得了M1911这个名字。战争期间曾多次立下奇功,即使战后数十年依然受到重用。指挥官,您的安全,请安心交给我吧。 To stop tougher enemies, my homeland had started to develop a new standard handgun. And I became the winner in an unprecedented strict selection and was given the name M1911. I had made wonders in war times, and been well trusted after war for decades. Commander, please entrust me with your safety without doubt.
Secretary 您很闲吗 ? 暇なの?Play Are you bored?
被大家这样看着,真的好难为情啊…… そんなにジロジロ見られると、恥ずかしいんですけど…Play It's embarrassing with everyone looking at me like this......
既然是Darling的话,其实也没关系呢…… ダ、ダーリンなら…別にいいんですけど…Play If it's Darling, it's ok......
Secretary (post OATH)
Darling, you need anything over there ? We are already in this relationship, there need to be so courteous about is it ?
Greeting Play Hey there~ So what are we going to do today ?
T-Doll Produced Play Mechanical manufacturing complete !
Joining an echelon Play it's a nice choice !
Enhancement Play I can feel the love of my Darling~
Dummy-linking Play Upgrade done ! There is a lot of me, and a lot of love~ !
Logistics (start) Play Commander, i'm going out. Don't get depressed too much please !
Logistics (end) Play Commander !!! I'm back. Didn't you feel lonely ?
Autobattle Play Commander !!! I am right here ! Hurry up and look at me~~ !

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Starting a combat mission Play Advance !!! Be sure to wait for my return.
Starting a battle Play The ennemy is right here !
Skill activation Play Here i shooooot~
Play I have to do well in front of Commander !
Play I'll pour all the love for Commander, from the bottom of my heart, into this fight !
Heavily damaged Play As long as i have my love for Darling, i am invincible !
Retreat Play impossible... My power for Commander was not enough... ?
MVP Play Hoora ! Darling~
Restoration Play Emergency care are done ? Please Commander, be gentle with me.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese English
Halloween 不给糖就捣蛋!一起来玩吧~ トリックオアトリート!一緒に楽しもう!Play Trick or Treat! Come play together!
Christmas Play Darling~ Let's spend Christmas just the two of us together !
New Year's Day


Valentine's day



  • A very common enhancement fodder.


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