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Icon main research.png
Research allows T-Dolls to improve their skills and Upgrade Equipment,

It is unlocked after the Commander reaches Level 12.

Skill Training[edit]


Training a T-Doll to improving their T-Dolls skill effects and it's activation rate.
Requires Training Data that is acquired from data collection missions. It is also gained via random drop points. To start, tap on an empty slot and select the T-Doll you wish to train.

Research will be completed when the timer hits 00:00:00

Skill Train.PNG

The amount and level of training data required varies based on the level of the skill.

Level Training Data Time
Lv. 1 → Lv. 2 100x Beginner Training Data 1:00:00
Lv. 2 → Lv. 3 200x Beginner Training Data 2:00:00
Lv. 3 → Lv. 4 300x Beginner Training Data 3:00:00
Lv. 4 → Lv. 5 120x Intermediate Training Data 4:00:00
Lv. 5 → Lv. 6 200x Intermediate Training Data 6:00:00
Lv. 6 → Lv. 7 300x Intermediate Training Data 9:00:00
Lv. 7 → Lv. 8 400x Intermediate Training Data 12:00:00
Lv. 8 → Lv. 9 200x Advanced Training Data 18:00:00
Lv. 9 → Lv. 10 300x Advanced Training Data 24:00:00

Equipment Strengthen[edit]

Upgrade and Strengthen rare equipment requires standard equipment and resource. It is unlocked after finished 1-4 of Night Battle difficult.