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Dormitory Screen[edit]

Dormitory Screen

Upon entering the Dormitory Screen, the player will be able to see the inside one of the dormitories depending on echelon and will be presented with a number of options:

  • Change Dorm: Change to the dormitory of another echelon. Note that only 2 dormitories are available from the start, and the rest have to be gotten through the cash shop.
  • Costume: If one of the dolls in the current dormitory has an alternate costume, tap this to change costumes
  • Modify: Change the layout for the furnitures inside the current dorm.
  • Coziness Level:The coziness level of the current room. This is affected by the furnitures in the current dormitory, and will affect the affection gain of the T-Dolls inside this dormitory.
  • Dorm Enviroment Details: Lists items in your dormitory and by how much it adds to the overall coziness level.
  • Procurement: Brings up procurement shop/ trade post. You can exchange procurement coins for items/ gifts.
  • Warehouse: Stores any items and gifts you havent yet used.
  • Heart Bubbles: Pop them for about 0.5(?) affection gain.
Coziness Level
Coziness Level 2
Coziness Level 3
Modify Layout
Change Costume



Self explanatory but hard to notice buttons:

  • Coins: Only used to roll for random gacha.
  • White Tickets: When rolling for the current gacha set, you will get one ticket per roll (100 coins option will give 11 tickets). They can be exchanged for gacha in the White Ticket Exchange screen. You cannot get tickets from rolls for the older gacha sets that cost 6/60 coins. White tickets will convert to coins (1:1 ratio) when the latest gacha set is removed.
  • Black Tickets: When giving a costume to a tdoll who already owns the costume, you will be given a black ticket. (Basically an exchange system for getting duplicate costumes.)
  • Roll x1/x11: For the current gacha set, you can use 10 coins to roll once or 100 coins to roll 11 times. For the old set: 6/60 coins for 1/11 rolls.
  • Switch Gacha Sets: You can roll for either the current set which costs more but gives tickets, or the older set which costs less but give no tickets.
  • Available Gacha: You can see what the possible gacha drops are for the set you have selected.
  • White Ticket Exchange: You can exchange white tickets for specific gachas from the the current set.
  • Black Ticket Exchange: You can exchange black tickets for specific costumes from older sets that you have not acquired yet.
Available Gacha
White Ticket Exchange


  • Item Details: Tapping an item will give Item Details
  • Gifts: The Gifts tabs shows owned gifts that you can give to unlock a costume and/or raise affection.


  • Costumes: +5 affection and unlocks the costume for any tdoll of her same type. (You'll also receive a black exchange ticket for giving a costume to a tdoll who already has the costume unlocked.)
  • Cake: +1 affection
  • Ice Cream: +0.5(?) affection
  • Candy: +0.1(?) affection

Item Details[edit]

Item Details
  • Furniture Set: Tapping on the ! will show which furniture you've collected out of that entire furniture set.

Note: For 5* furniture sets, having every piece of the entire set inside the same room will make a bonus animated object appear. (Like a walking/sitting/sleeping Kalina sprite for having the entire HQ set.)

Furniture Set