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January 1st[edit]

New Year Package[edit]

New Year Package

January 1st GMT+8 ~ January 3rd GMT+8

Ring x2, Icon procurementcoin.pngx100

Package cost: 1588 Diamonds

Daily Discount Package[edit]

January 1st GMT+8 ~ January 31st GMT+8

Daily Discount Package

Icon contractdoll.pngx2, Icon procurementcoin.pngx20

Package cost: 1588 Diamonds

January 13rd[edit]

'Echo' AR Squad Emergency Rescue Operation[edit]

January 13nd GMT+8 ~ January 25th GMT+8

During the event, clearing the following maps with S rank will have a chance to yield the member of AR squad. (Autobattle has chance to yield the same T-dolls as well.)

  • Defeat 7-5: M4 SOPMOD II
  • Defeat 7-1E: M16A1
  • Defeat 7-2E: ST AR-15
  • Defeat 7-3E: M4A1

January 16th[edit]

Combat EXP Event[edit]

January 16th, 2017 12:00 GMT+8 ~ January 22th, 2017 12:00 GMT+8

Combat Experience 1.5x boost; both t-doll and commander experience are increased to 1.5 times.