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August 17th[edit]

Jackpot Package[edit]

Jackpot Package

August 17th 10:00 GMT+8 ~ August 25th 23:59 GMT+8

Icon manpower.pngx6000, Icon ammo.pngx6000, Icon ration.pngx4000, Icon parts.pngx4000, Item Doll Production Contract.pngx10, Item Equipment Production Contract.pngx10

Package cost: 1980Icon gem.png

Limited to 50 packages per day.

August 9th[edit]

Double Diamond Monthly Pass Event[edit]

Double Diamond Monthly Pass Event

August 9th 00:00 GMT+8 ~ August 18th 23:59 GMT+8

Diamond gained from monthly pass doubled from 30 to 60 during the event.

August 2nd[edit]

Encryption System[edit]

Kalina's kimono costume and encryption system

Encryption system event will be online during Aug 5th 0:00 GMT+8 ~ Aug 25th 23:59 GMT+8.

Brand new play style. Complete special mission to get encryption cards to participate in this event. Drop crates, Kalina's kimono costume "Dimond and Hanabi" and other bountiful rewords can be obtained from this event!

  • "Password Cards" will be given from completing the daily missions.
  • 6 basic missions are available everyday, completing the basic missions will unlock 3 advanced missions.
  • Password Cards are used to unlock numbers on the card.
  • Completing a line on the card will reward you with the item the line aligns with.
  • Getting a repeat number will give you 10 points, saving up 100 points will allow you to fill in a number of your choice.
  • Extra items will be rewarded when a certain number of bingo lines are completed.

Rewards from lines: Icon gem.pngx100, Icon manpower.pngx2000, Icon ration.pngx2000, Icon ammo.pngx2000, Icon parts.pngx2000, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced training data x500, Icon procurementcoin.pngx20, Enhancement Pills x20, 2 Instant Skill Training Tickets.

Rewards for number of lines completed:

  • 1 line: Icon manpower.pngx3000, Icon ration.pngx3000, Icon ammo.pngx3000, Icon parts.pngx3000 and 50 supply crates.
  • 3 lines: Item Doll Production Contract.pngx10, Icon quickbuild.pngx10, Icon quickrepair.pngx10, Icon contractequip.pngx10 and 50 supply crates.
  • 8 lines: Kalina "Diamond Fireworks" costume and 100 supply crates.
  • 14 lines: Challenger's Medal, Icon procurementcoin.pngx50, Icon voucher.pngx200, Batteries x500 and 100 supply crates.
List of Quests
Clear any normal battle x1
Clear any night battle x1
Clear any emergency battles x1
Rescue 5 T-Dolls
Accumulate 10 hours of logistics
Obtain 1 quick craft from logistics
Obtain 1 quick repair from logistics
Obtain 1 equip craft from logistics
Obtain 1 T-doll craft from logistics
Login Once
Repair any T-Doll 3x
Level any T-Doll 3x
Retire any T-Doll 10x
Strengthen any T-Doll 1x
Strengthen any equipment 1x
Consume 500x Icon manpower.png
Consume 500x Icon ammo.png
Consume 500x Icon ration.png
Consume 200x Icon parts.png
Consume 3x Icon core.png
Consume 3x Icon quickrepair.png
Consume 3x Item Doll Production Contract.png
Consume 3x Icon quickbuild.png
Consume 3x Icon contractequip.png
Give 10x "likes"
Remove 1x visitor from dormitory
Share dormitory 1x
Accumulate 100x Friendship Points
Accumulate 200x Charges
Consume 30 Charges
Create 10x Battle Reports
Consume 10x Battle Reports
Receive 10x "likes"
Give 20x gifts to any T-Doll
Visit random dorms 10x
Complete defense simulation 1x
Calibrate any equipment 1x
Raise any T-Doll's Skill level 1x
Consume 100x Beginner Training Data
Consume 100x Intermediate Training Data
Consume 100x Expert Training Data
Consume 50x calibration tickets
Consume 5 Enhancement Pills
Consume 1x Quick Skill Training Ticket
Get visited in the dorm 5x
Obtain IDW 1x
Build a 4* T-Doll 1x
Build a 4* Equipment 1x
Obtain "S" Rank on Episode 3-6
Obtain "S" Rank on 4-4E
Complete 3-4N
Win any bosses 3x
Win mechanical armored enemy 10x
Win any mechanical normal enemy 10x
Win any mechanical humanoid enemy 19x
Use any friend's squad 1x
Obtain 100x calibration tickets from Defense Simulation
Complete 3 Heavy Builds
Consume 5 Procurement Coins
Get "S" Rank from any 10 battles
Spend 100x Gems
Buy 20x Procurement Coins
Buy 1x quick repair
Buy 1x T-Doll ticket
Buy 1x quick build ticket
Buy 1x equipment build ticket
Buy 1500x Manpower
Buy 1500 Ammo
Buy 1500 Rations
Buy 500 Parts

August 1st[edit]

Training Data Package[edit]

Training Data Package

August 7th GMT+8 ~ August 31st GMT+8

Icon contractequip.pngx4, Advanced Training Data x200

Package cost: 168 Icon gem.png