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Sneak Previews

Sneak Preview on October 19 
Furniture Preview

Same as furniture, gifts can be purchased by purchase coin. There are two kinds of gifts, attire gifts and normal gifts. There will be one discount and a certain amount of coupon for each one-off purchase of ten furniture or gifts. Accumulated coupon could be used to purchase furniture or gifts directly. However, except from using purchase coin, costumes also have other ways of acquisition. Some of them could be accessed from head-quarter as well.

The giving of normal gifts will promote affection. Attire gifts are able to promote the affections of T-dolls, unlock specific costume, and grant one decorative poster. You shall not make me live in without my poster on the wall!

Moreover, dorm has more to do with affections rather than only a place of gifts giving. The settled T-dolls will gain affections with the pass of time, and the speed of this process is related to the comfort level of the dorm. That is, I won’t live in a dorm of poor circumstances!

In addition to these, after a period of time of living in the dorm, T-dolls are possible to grant affections by… by patting. Don’t take it wrong! Plus! don’t touch my weapon!

What else is there…? Oh, the given costume can be switched in the attribute interface. It’s said that Grifon gave these costumes with strange names like “Zombie Otaku”, ”Dear Heart Little Devil”. Anyway, terrible taste. Huh? The name of my costume? Psst, how could it go with name like this, must be way better. Hey! I’m not saying I need it! DON’T GIVE IT TO ME!

Sneak Preview on October 18 
Furniture Preview

Good day commander! I heard that Springfield has shown you the dormitory coming soon from Grifon. Howver, an empty dormitory is not enough, you still need to fill the rooms with furniture and decorations. As a capable lieutenant, I will explain the key points for dormitory decoration next. Be sure to remember the key points. I will do random checks on these knowledge in the future.

Dorm decorations are split into three categories: floor, wall and furniture.

Dorm decorations can be purchased by "purchase coins" from Grifon. Random decorations will be delivered to your storage via airdrop service.

Purchase Coins Can be collected via daily mission and logistic support. Off course, you can also purchase them directly using diamonds. Therefore, please plan your daily job carefully commander. Don't slack off -- I will supervise you carefully.

There are a lot of different decoration parts and furnitures under the same decoration style. A set of decoration with the same style offers better comfort. Plus, a good combination of decorations helps T-dolls gain extra Affection. Therefore, I suggest you collet decorations by sets to the best of your abilities. Of course, you can adopt design which involves elements from different styles, but doing so requires precise calculation (chest out).

Grifon has just released a set of decoration in commemoration of some pre-war festival, festival related to something like ghost or magic ... I'm not so sure ... what that is ... might be some strange taste from a decoration designer.

  • Cough*... Right, all of the collected decorations can be viewed in storage. Commender can decide how to set up decoration freely, like where to put everything. From my point of view, a good looking design is a good thing, but only after when our job is done. Making sure high work efficiency should always come first.

This concludes P99's introduction on the dorm system, hope it helps. It does not matter if you don't understand anything, I will keep supervising you until you understand everything (serious face).

Sneak Preview on October 17 
Dorm Preview

Are you busy right now commander? I heard that the Grifon is almost finished building the dormitory for our T-dolls. I wonder if there's a kitchen for me to do some baking. Eh? Not yet? That's fine, being able to see commander more often in the dormitory also makes me happy.

It is up to the commander to set up decorations furniture in the dorm, although the living conditions leave a lot to be desired during wartime. But regardless of how it looks, what matters the most is for everyone to be here.

However, in order to provide T-dolls with a cozy room to relax, Grifon has offered us a lot of room designs. What kind dorm it'll be is dependent on your decisions commander!

Are you worried about the size of the room, commander? Indeed we have a lot of T-dolls by now, but don't worry. Each room corresponds to each Combat Echelon. Grifon has offered us 2 free rooms already, and we can unlock up to 8, the same as the number of our maximum Combat Echelons.

Eh? You were worrying about the decoration style? It is said that, this time, Grifon has provided a great amount of stuff for decoration, including many furniture of different styles. These are all available for purchase, and all purchases come with Grifon's direct airdrop service. Different types of decoration are dependent on their surrounding environment, so we can't be too sloppy when making decorations.

Ah? It's getting late commander. Would you like me to make you some coffee?

(Development in progress, everything is subject to change.)